Last Hurrah!?

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok-i had to get this post down sooner or later.

Is about a kill from getting close to three weeks ago now-i did get to the end of August with the gnawing suspicion that i about to head into one of my regular EvE hiatus’….but i was having a good run up the Alliance Killboard so kept pushing myself to log in and see what i could bag for the day and see if i could get the clean sweep on the “end-of-month” awards(and doing it without shooting POS Mods/Noobships).As August drew to a close it was looking like a not-going-to-happen thing as i noted someone from Alliance had found some POS hardeners floating in space and decided to pad their stats…and then,on the last day of August…..


Aye,a Drake…

running an anomaly in the EOL C2 i had jumped into-however,he had  this running against Sleepers with Fighters from the Thanatos that was sitting in the POS.
I tried like the devil to bait the Carrier out of the POS once i had the Drake tackled with a single Proteus-or more likely for it to re-ship to something else and come help-even just shooting at it with one Blaster so it looked like i was never going to take it down while my armor slowly disappeared,but after five minutes had passed i decided to finish it all and dropped the second Proteus on it .
Anyway-Drake died and i thought i would go and check the active POS-where the Carrier had been…except it wasnt there but was still on D-scan.
Ok…he was aggressed with having assigned his Fighters….a quick combat scan and i had him…warped to him at 10km-he at an off-grid just above the POS- and quickly added him to contact list…….offline!!!…..rage log?…aye i think so.

Anyway-i had a rubbish gang set-up,having spent the past 4 days out of my home C2 mooching around Hi/lo sec for stuff-just logging in for brief periods and doing not much at all.Two Cloaky Proteus’,Medium Neut-fit Damnation,Falcon and a Bait Gnosis-again its only damage a flight of Hammerheads.

Anyway i went for it…stuck the two Proteus’ on him and inwardly cried at the pitiful amount of red that started to show with each volley…no hope in hell i am going to take down a Carrier-offline or not-with 9 Neutron blasters and a flight of Hammerheads in anything like a safe or reasonable amount of time.
A bit of scouring the local markets saw absolutely nothing that i could throw on the Damnation to add some DPS-all i could get was five T1 Ion Blasters that i threw onto the Gnosis-so i spent a few minutes getting that arranged…great….14 Blasters instead of 9.

Spamming of D-Scan started  to reveal some unpleasant news-pods and ships starting to appear-i think the maximum number of nastys on scan reached six at one point-fortunately nothing bigger or more threatening than Battlecruisers.

A check on Contacts and i see that the Carrier Pilot has logged back in at some point…recovered from his Raaaage! at losing his Drake.
On the point of dropping in the Damnation for its Neuting power i paused as his armor wasnt climbing like i expected-it wasnt clear at the time but all i can guess is that he logged in….then logged back out again.

And that was it-i reckon 20-25 minutes of shooting and the thing exploded.No-one came to help save it.

Things did get a bit more strange after that-i was able to jump a ship back out to Hi-Sec and buy an Itty hauler in system-then back in and out of the wormhole several times and polarised to go scoop the loot from the now obvious to see Thanatos wreck…again without any interference from the natives.

And then after that…to bait this Drake and Myrmidon to come 50km off the Hi-Sec exit to their doom using the Gnosis…whats with that?!

Anyway-August did end up a good month-best ever in fact.

Kill Tally for the month was just over 22 Billion Isk in kills with losses tallying 1.7 Billion(Astarte/Low-Slave Pod and a Hyperion taking the bulk of that) between my five.

Loot drop tally was no less than 4.6 Billion…which as it turned out was pretty handy(hint-start of September saw me have to use a huge chunk of that).

Buuut….i was kicking myself yesterday when i received the e-mail from CCP telling me that i had just renewed all characters for another month-i had planned to let them lapse again.


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