Salvaging a Loki?!?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Was a weekend for Lokis that just passed.

It began with me flogging off my swag pile from the past few weeks-hauling 1.5 Billion in dropped Mods to Jita in time for the weekend rush  tends to make you sweat more than normal and rather than fly the empty hauler back i decided to splash out on a Hyperion and get it(sub-par) fitted for my Alt to fly-i had taken a notion that in order to land the bigger fish you have to use bigger bait.

Anyway-as luck would have it i found a connection to Low-Sec from our static Low-Sec system-a nice little 0.3 island surrounded by Concord protected space….with one System Anomaly-some Angel BC-Rat plex…perfect for my Low-Sec day tripping nub to “test” his shiny new BS in.

It didnt take long for the three or four present in local to all disappear once i started running the site-one returning a few minutes later in a Cheetah…mmm-hmm…promising.

The minutes go by and i see the Cheetah leave-cross jumping with a Hound and an unknown from the same Corp…..even better.I get all the other boats ready on the connecting LS-LS hole and wait.

Loki decloaks 20km away-his point goes on and i wait…the seconds go by-i dont target him back but instead start manouvering the Hyperion not directly at him but at an angle thats not too obvious i burning toward him but hopefully looks like im trying to align to a Station or Gate.I am coasting to about 15km from him now when Local spikes-i point the Hyp. directly at him-hit MWD-target-and hit the Overheated Scram and Web as soon as i hit 10km.Everything goes fast now-im aware of plenty yellow skulls and greys appearing on overview but my main focus is getting the other ships through the connection and into warp.

Ive set the two Large Reppers going on the Hyp.(helped by the Exile booster ive just popped) so figure im good for the next twenty seconds while i get my two attack ships into warp-at-0…..a vague sense of unease as im doing so because-really,local is pretty full up by this point and there a sense of im warping everything to their doom.A switch back to the Hyperion screen and i see its right on the Loki-but its taking a hammering from whatever the ships are that i see in my overview-to me at this point its just a rack of yellow.I watch the Reppers finish their first cycle-pulling the Armor back to about 40% from where it was just scraping into structure-but there some dismay as i see that my Cap has gone so unless im very lucky with the timing on my Dual Boosters reloading thats the last Reps its gonna see.

Anyway…no more time for that as im aware of my two attack ships landing on Grid….Proteus and ….and…and…Megathron.

Ya-for some unknown reason i had decided to roll with a Mega as attack ship number two rather than going with my usual BC or second Proteus Hull…i think i had had a thought a few days previous that the mighty beast was just getting used to roll our statics and deserved a bit of attention for a change.

Anyway-as the two landed i got secondary tackle onto the Loki just in case the Hyperion died or somehow lost point-still not having had the time to properly take stock of just what the hell i was engaging…a switch to the Mega screen and i am aware of a second T3 present-a  Legion and the devil is sitting right under the Megas guns at less than 5000m….unfortunately this where the decision to bring the Mega proved its folly… i start locking him up i remember just how long it takes when you in a Battleship trying to tackle something that ISNT a Battleship…the Legion bugs out with the tiniest of slivers left on the reticule before it goes positive.

Aaaaand… compound things i realise that those screaming alarms are unfortunately most likely not coming from the enemy ships.

I switch screens just in time to see the Hyperion disappear.

As recompense i DO manage to get the Mega locked onto the Loki and once it starts hitting,the Loki drops fast -just enough time to get the noob out of the fight and  warp the pod to Station as i spy the Stealth Bombers all deciding to leave the Field-although one returns after about twenty seconds-sitting out at 25-30km…..align Proteus and start it burning….overheat Scram…..and get him wrapped up at 25km…surprise!!! -dunno how long thats going to keep working….thanks for nothing Fozzie!

I get to loot the field as Local clears…the trade off-one Hyperion for a Loki and a Bomber.I was a bit disappointed with the Hyps. performance to be honest-ok it was taking a hammering from all the Bombers-Lokis damage is pretty meh….the Legion i wasnt sure what he using though i suspect it was a Neut. fit…but after some thought i finally realised what had happened.

The Loki had me long pointed and webbed-i had hit MWD on the Hyp. as soon as i started burning for the Loki in earnest…and i 99.9% sure that i forgot to switch it back off!!…no wonder my Cap emptied after two Rep. cycles and the damned thing died as quick as it did with its horrific raised signature…perfect for the volleys of torpedoes pissed out by the Bombers.

The weekend ticked over-logged in and out at various times and got lucky with hanging around different systems-

Loki number two

Loki number three-who, along with another Loki,a Proteus and a Cheetah was running Escort for this Whale-i figure the Orca Pilot had some choice words for his “Scouts”(i was expecting both Lokis and the Proteus to “counter-engage” but either i lost track of them or they bugged out for good)

Loki number four i caught soon after along with his Tengu friend….clearing three Sleeper frigates in a Class 2 Rock belt!!!

Loki number five was my favorite though.

As the weekend drew to a close i decided to take it easy and loiter in our homes static Class two,semi-afk, checking in for any activity every 45 minutes or so.This went on for a couple of hours with nothing interesting going on-a few PI Haulers here and there but nothing that could stir me into action…until i spy a Loki logging in….

But he pretty soon reships to a Hauler and gets down to the business of visiting various customs offices.I suspect nothing is going to happen so i decide i really COULD take my own advice..this being W-Space an’ all…and MAKE something happen rather than just loll around aimlessly.

There is one anomaly in system.

I get nub-Alt logged in and jumped through the static which im pretty certain the natives do not have watched.

The Brutix its flying surely looks pretty damned easy enough to kill-by my reckoning there is a total of four native pilots logged in at present.I get the Brutix blitzing through the Anomaly-only six sleepers to kill…and despite taking my time on the last Battleship i get nothing..nada…zero changing anywhere in system….four pilots….at four POS’….in four Haulers.

What to do now then?

Two options-i could fly the Brutix around and bounce it off the various wormhole connections i have marked in the hope that someone wakes up and comes to investigate/engage…but i suspect that that route will lead only to more frustration.

I go and re-ship to  a Noctis.

Its the Bait Gnosis’ shittier cousin.Lows are plates and hardeners.In the mid there is an AB and Scram.

I get it into the expired anomaly and set it to work…..six wrecks to clear.And as i do so…..the locals all seem to wake up at once.Three different haulers reship to a variety of T1 scanning frigates.Hauler number four gets in his Loki!!

Its not long before D-Scan is covered with 24 Sisters Combat Scanner Probes..but,its with some consternation that despite slowboating around the wreck field,not using any tractor beams and assigning one salvager per wreck(with switching them off and on at each cycle) i am blitzing through the wrecks like you never do when you totting up your imagined ISK-PER-HOUR tally after having done your own proper PvE.

Despite all the combats on scan and what looks like three guys all trying to pinpoint the Noctis…its taking them ages..and is getting to the point where even a week-old noob would start smelling a rat at the length of time its taking me to “salvage” the last sleeper wreck(im just circling it at 500m with everything off trying to keep it on D-Scan).

What i am expecting to happen-if they ever get the Noctis located-is for whoever gets it to squad warp the Loki right on top of my Salvaging boat-so its a surprise when out of the nothingness three T1 Scan frigs drop on me at 0m and all get their tackle active.

30 seconds or so pass and yep…there he is,the Loki lands on grid at 0m and gets me locked up too.

Unbeknownst to them all however is my own Proteus sitting cloaked,10km off the Noctis’ port side.

I target the Loki with the Noctis…..drop the Proteus’ cloak and hit align/burn toward the Loki….as i await cloaking delay to wear off i activate the Noctis’ Scrambler and dump out the flight of ECM Drones.

Secondary Scram. and Web goes on from the Proteus…the three T1 Frigates all bug out…the EC-300s get a positive jam on the raider…aaaand i send the Noctis chugging away in flames to the systems hi-sec static and safety.

All that remains is to beat down the Loki while watching D-Scan for the return of the three scan guys in something a little more substantial.But no….Dscan doesnt change,the Loki is going nowhere….he is doing practically zero damage to my Proteus and as his Shields give up the ghost and he dips into armor….he goes….ejects and warps the pod out.

Normally-i figure that the Loki would die anyway-i like my stats.But…today…?…these things have been dropping left and right all week-end…..

Fast-forward five minutes and i am giving the natives a cheery wave goodbye in local from my new Loki Strategic Cruiser as i disappear back through our VERY end-of-life static connection to home.


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