Friends Reunited.

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Long time since last post-main reason being it been hard deciding what to write up.Almost every day has seen some type of engagement,with this month on course for being the best so far with over 14 billion isk in ship kills for the 20 days gone and losses running at just under a billion split over all five Characters.Some very nice loot drops too-the best one would probably be this Legion who i managed to bait along with a few of his friends.

As a follow on from the last post-where i wasnt sure to be pleased or not over a Machariel kill by pure chance last week i came across the same guy in his home system.The penny never dropped right away who it was-what caught my attention was jumping into our static Class 2 ten minutes before downtime and spying on scan two Lokis and a Tengu-along with a dozen Sleeper wrecks.As soon as the server was back online i was logged in and waiting for the return of the plexers and managed to get all five characters into system unseen and cloaked or logged off in safes before any of the natives appeared.

Unfortunately-i think the appearance of some Hi-Sec day-tripping Miners put paid to any more plexing as the locals got down to the business of dispatching a couple of Retrievers and the Pods from the systems only rock anomaly before deciding to log off.While i was watching the goings on i did a bit of background checking on the natives and that when the vague recollection crystalised and the penny dropped…….revenge!! or justice maybe?….i WILL get my swag(this time!).

That was the matter decided then-knowing that they a European Corp. i was pretty certain that they were all done for the day so i too thought to log off with the intention of returning the next day at least an hour before Downtime and seeing what happened.

Fast-forward 20 hours and im back in EvE,logged in and watching.

Contact list starts to increase…Tengu….Loki…..Loki….Noctis.Ho Ho…here we go!.Except no-90 minutes before Downtime and none of them are moving.Occasionally ill see one reship to a Cheetah and disappear for 5 minutes then return but 0 else.Downtime approaches and the servers go down.

Same as the day before i log in as soon as the servers go up-something which i am wary of normally as i get paranoid that someone smart/cautious will be able to tell that their system is already active if it loads too fast on log in.

I get four characters logged in and cloaked-the fifth i leave at the log-in screen as it a Navy Brutix and just as i finish arranging Perches and the Fleet set-up my Contact list starts flashing…here come the boys…and damn they moving fast.Within five minutes of the first one logging in there is the Tengu and two Lokis in an anomaly.

What with all the time ive had to kill i have perfect 250km perch/warp-ins set at each of the six anomalys in system-there nothing worse than warping into an anomaly at 100km with the expectation of setting up a nice kill only to find yourself getting decloaked 80km from your target by a random asteroid or gas cloud.The chances of this can be reduced by always warping to an anomaly from the Sun-not from your wormhole or some other random spot.

Anyway-the three T3s were blitzing through the site-by the time i had my second cloaky Proteus in position to dive in they were already chewing on the last Sleeper Battleship.

What must have been the very second the Sleeper popped i had warped the two Proteus’ in to the closest wreck,had them auto-decloak and managed to get all three tackled,Scrams for the two Lokis and Point and a web onto the Tengu-once i was certain i had them wrapped up i logged in the Navy Brutix, got it into Fleet quick-smart and sent it off at 0m to the two Proteus.

With all the T3s being bunched together round the Sleeper wreck it was fairly easy to hold them all down and still keep both my boats firing on the same target-Loki No1

What i did find somewhat disconcerting was the number of ECM drones on the field plus,the appearance of a  Blackbird ECM cruiser,coming in to try jam his friends clear-i suspect he missed his first jam cycles which gave me time to warp in my own Falcon from the 250km perch in an attempt to shut him down-this was where i did make an error…..ive been slightly frustrated recently with my Falcon-a few losses due to missed jams which used to be a rarity(as i choose to remember =)  ) so i decided to drop him in at 50km rather than my normal 70km-all good as it got the Blackbird jammed first go and with him having dropped in at less than 10km to his friends,it wasnt much of a stretch to get the newly arrived Navy Brutix onto it for a quick vaporisation.

Next target was the Tengu as he seemed to be putting up decent Metres per second despite being now Webbed and Scrammed so i managed to burn and get a second web on him from the Brutix which pretty soon put a stop to him trying to flee …..except i dont think he was…as this happened while i was concentrating on killing duties.Should have come in at 70 like normal!!

Loki no.3 died soon after,with everything hitting on him he didnt last long at all.

Unfortunately,for the first time ever,i think i was the victim of an ECM Thrasher…before the last Loki died i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw a Cynabal and a Thrasher warp into the fight(at 0m to the Loki and all my boats)-i got Scram and Web from one of my Boats onto the Cynabal-switched quickly back to another Char. to check how well the Loki was dying and on switching back watched the now un-locked Cynabal (and Thrasher) leave the site to safety.All i can surmise is that it really was an ECM Thrasher.

As the smoke cleared and all i could see on Scan were wrecks and Pods i took the opportunity to sift through the wrecks-110% expecting them to be full of gear like the Machariel-and indeed,the T3s were pretty well blinged…out of a total possibile Faction loot tally of approx 1.9 billion i got….about 160 million!!!What is it with these guys and the Loot fairy??!

Anyway….i am confident that i shall meet these fellows again in the future =).

Yesterday,i came away from playing pretty stoked.Took a big risk and it paid off in buckets.

After around an hour fruitlessly scouring the systems leading off from our home C2 i came across a C2 system and on jumping through got a D-Scan full of Battleships.No wrecks though…and in my experience,that number of boats on scan and no wrecks likely means that they at a POS unpiloted.However,i pinned the POS and boats pretty fast and on warping in at 100km saw a whole heap of pilots in the ships.First reaction was either they saw me coming in and fled into the shields or,due to the composition,they forming up to go hit something/someone somewhere.A few more minutes and it became clear that there was Sentry Drones deployed and that they were outside the force field actually hitting on the POS tower.

Three Ravens,two Tornados,Brutix, Hurricane,Scorpion,Naga and an Onyx sitting 30km behind the main body(later became apparent that he in line with the systems Hi-Sec.entry hole).

What a dilemma-a very juicy set of prizes but honestly….can i expect to drop on all that and survive?A check of Corporation channel saw only one other guy online-a quick query and he replies that he not in home system but is somewhere out in hi-sec.

I do some manouvering-the Onyx and his active bubble could be a problem but i manage to ascertain that no, if i come in from the C1 system i will miss his bubble and can land everything at 0m on the POS-Killing gang.

Ahhh…surely there is going to be cloaked ECM cover?..yeah maybe,i dont know….and-just where have these guys come from-is it their home and they taking down a usurpers tower?…how many are there that i cant see?….how close is back-up if any?

Anyway,i decided to go for it.I wanted to bring in two Megathrons as my main damage boats-but i couldnt get them through the C1 connecting system between my home and the target system so i had to go Sub-Battleship-Astarte and Navy Brutix as the two killers….hmmm-not sure that going to be enough as much as i love the Astartes killing power.

I managed to get my other four characters re-shipped and fitted and gathered together one jump away,in a hi-sec. system off the C1(too many times now ive had nasty experiences leaving boats grouped unattended on a hole in a w-system!).

As i slowly crawled my cloaked tackling Proteus towards the BS gang the screen flashed-the Tower just died!

With 20km to go i figured all was lost-opportunity missed…but no, the POS mods are still up and the gang starts moving towards them,as chance would have it the angle favors me and they are coming in my direction…20km…15…10km…time to get the rest of my boats through from hi-sec and crossing the C1 system to arrive on the entry hole.

Distance to the two closest Ravens drops to less than 5000m so on that i jump everything into system,drop the Proteus’ cloak,while i awaiting cloak delay to wear off i Squad warp everything bar the Falcon(that is set for 70!!) at 0m,switch back to the Proteus and get two of the Ravens tackled and start shooting at one of the Tornados.

Thanfully its a short warp for the rest of the boats and in what seems like seconds everything has landed and i start spreading points around.The battle does become a bit of a blur as i am switching screens like a maniac,pointing,shooting,burning,neuting,droning and Boosting and there are simply too many targets to hold them all.

Tornado goes first-the easiest to kill/most likely to burn free-indeed the second one did what seemed like an insta-warp as soon as i decloaked!

I decide i want the Ravens so put everything onto holding them down but one manages to get away-also,i decide to get Drones out and onto the Scorpion but no tackle-if he wants to leave then my guest,which he does…faster than decorum would allow!The two Ravens die,one after the other

Next up is the Hurricane,the Brutix having shrugged off his single Point and fled and on that dying it seems the fight is over-but no, a Blackbird ECM Cruiser has appeared waaay out at 70km-he a bit late but he stays just long enough for me to get a very overheated long point onto him from the(by now) very,very banged up tackling Proteus and i start burning out to him.My Falcon is sitting at 130km from him but i am lucky and one of my jammers takes and he gets jammed…but its still a long way for the Proteus to get within killing range-unfortunately just as i get to about 10km i see my Proteus’ lock drop and i know he got jam-free and was able to get himself out….as a bonus though….i see a Rokh drop right into the middle of my other three combat ships sitting in the wreck field?!

Its the Hurricane pilot re-shipped and deciding to carry on the fight.Unfortunately,sitting at <2000 from an Astarte,Navy Brutix and a Heavy Neuting Damanation means that you are not long on Grid….Hero

All i can guess is that he thought there was a chance of killing my Proteus before he died-if he had the Blackbird as support.

The field cleared i decided to get everything out-leave the wrecks-i fully expected them to return-i know that despite killing five the Brutix,Naga,Tornado,Onyx and Scorpion managed to get free and they know that my Proteus is showing way too much red to survive long if it gets caught.But no….the minutes go by….i watch and watch the littered field from my Cloaked Scout and i see nothing.I decide to run some Core Probe Scans and get the only other wormhole pinpointed-a high sec. and keep eyes on that-i can D-Scan all the towers in system from where i am and aside from an occasional flash of a couple of Bombers i see nothing.

Perusal of all the killmails shows that yep…i probably should go in and loot…..the response?….a single Heron decloaks and gets smoked for his trouble.

So yeah-that could all have went so terribly,terribly wrong.Very poor scouting on my part could have seen a ton of back -up available either in system or one jump away.

I think…they were all a bit eager to flee the field-the two Tier threes went and never returned-likewise the Brutix-instead of commiting he spent his time engaged in trying to flee.Same with Scorpion.And the Onyx too i suppose-sitting out at 30km he wasnt really in much danger of getting surprise tackled-he could have been lobbing his shells into the fight instead of insta-fleeing.My Proteus ended the fight at 20% Armor.Two Tier3s hitting on it from range and it likely would have died.I know they had plenty of tackle fitted as more than once i decided to get the Proteus out of the fight so alarmed was i at the damage it was taking but couldnt.

But yeah….the blood was flowing after that one.

Final words….dont align your ship out of the POS and go watch something else(for 30 minutes)….doh! and..ouch.

  1. splatus says:

    Beautiful kills.Congratulations!

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