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Six weeks in to my new Corp. membership and things all rolling along.TZ/Scheduling remains an issue for regular co-op but it something i used to living in the Southern Hemisphere-maybe i should learn Japanese!

The past month or so has seen plenty of action-aside from a run of maybe 5 or 6 days most sessions have seen me manage to catch at least one target-my rough calculations put kills at totalling around 12 billion and losses at approx. 1 billion for June which lead me nicely onto the 1st day of July and the best engagement ive had for several weeks(for planning and execution on-the-fly with a dose of general cowardly dastardy).

Having jumped into and had a poke around the surrounding systems to “Fred” our C2 Home i decided i didnt want to venture too far from home-on seeing that our C2 Static system had a connection to “The Forge” i decided that it was as good a place as any to go fishing.

I am becoming slightly bored with the Gnosis bait ship so it was no great shakes that there were no Ore Anomalys or Gas signatures to park myself in and await visitors-back to the old ways and i throw my fearless out-of-corp(noob?) alt into a Brutix and send it off to run some of the systems anomalys-having first brought in the rest of my boats and parked them at each of the possibile entry/exit points in the system bar one-cloaked of course…and of course it was the one to a C3 that i wasnt watching where my first visitors decided to poke themselves through.

While running the Anomaly i am doing the usual repetitive click of D-Scan and sure enough i catch the brief flash of a Cheetah scan frigate.Now to see if the recent splurging of 70 million Isk to buy back positive security status and lose the yellow-skull from my character was going to pay off.

As i am finishing off the last Sleeper Battleship from the first wave the Cheetah decloaks about 15km away and goes yellow-box.I decide quickly to keep doing what i am doing-which is circling the wrecked Sleeper and salvaging-and dont even bother targeting the Cheetah back-theres no way that this is the only thing thats going to be engaging and i dont want to scare off whatever else is going to be arriving.After a few seconds the Cheetahs friend/alt decides that all looks legit-i am just a noob in a wormhole killing red crosses-and a Tengu decloaks about 8000m away.

I still leave it a few more seconds as i aim my Brutix towards him and despite being scrambled theres just enough momentum to see me coast up to within a couple of thousand meters before i activate my own Scrambler and Web.Its a bit disconcerting to hear the alarm screaming from my Brutix as im in the process of sending a Proteus on its way to help with killing duties so almost automatically i decloak the Falcon sitting cloaked at Optimal range and proceed to jam out the newly spawned second wave of Sleepers as well as the Tengu(what happened to the Sleepers targeting the new-arrivals?)….and an Oracle whom i had no idea was close.As my Proteus lands i manage to get a second scrambler and more importantly a second web(he was Afterburner fit) onto the target and he dies.

As the Oracle warps to safety from his 70km tactical,a quick loot of the wreck and i get the Falcon and the Proteus cloaked up again just as i spy a Drake on scan…the Cavalry?I loiter the Brutix in the site a while longer but there no sign of anything landing so i throw the Brutix towards the C3 and sure enough the Drake is sitting there at 0m orbiting.

I decide to throw caution to the wind and jump the Brutix through to see what else is awaiting me but theres nothing on grid and D-scan is clear so i jump back to the C2 and start trying to bump the Drake-and as luck would have it i get a quick,good bump that sends him way past 5000m.Soon enough i get him wrapped up with scram and web and start about him with the Blasters-some grey starts to show on my armor so i think id better start some reps going..mmm-hmm..all good..better cap inject,those armor reppers are hungry…Doh!…out of Cap charges.Was pretty obvious then i was going to lose the Brutix-i had the Falcon perched, watching but decided against using it to free my BC.Before it died however i managed to drop my Proteus on top of the two just before the Drakes wrecking shot and got him wrapped up just as the Brutix disappeared with a bang.

He deserved the kill i thought as he probably could have fled if he wanted to-and it was a pretty noob mistake on my part that deserved some chastisement.Nevertheless

With the nearest trade hub being just a few jumps away it was gather up all the loot and send the Alt off to buy another Brutix.On return the sight of all the sleeper wrecks still on scan was too tempting so i set it to finishing off the Anomaly i had the fight in and salvaging the wrecks.Within a few minutes again i spy on D-scan the flash of a Cheetah(different tags) followed soon after by a Tengu..and yes, soon after i have Tengu Number two decloaking less than 10km off my salvaging Brutixs’ bow.

He steams in close and is joined at 30km by a friend in a Hound and both start hammering the Brutix,thankfully with a hold full of Booster Charges this time.As my inbound Proteus lands on grid and decloaks on goes the Scrambler and Web from the Brutix to the Tengu-drones onto the Hound-second scram and web from the Proteus to the enemy T3 and a few seconds later he dies

…as he does and the Hound warps clear my spamming of D-Scan spies more ships somewhere in space-Onyx,Apocalypse,Vexor,Malediction-a quick loot of the Tengu wreck and im cloaking the Proteus and warping off the Brutix to a safe.

As far as i can tell,all they have seen is the Brutix and Proteus-and i guess that rather than being a “response gang” the Tengu/Hound got their timings messed up and engaged before the rest were ready and waiting to jump in to gank the “PvE Brutix”.I decide to keep everything hidden for the meantime while keeping eyes on the new arrivals(who seemed to have arrived from Hi-Sec) with the Falcon.

Combat Probes on D-Scan seem to be searching for the Brutix sitting in space so i decide to let them close in,drop the scan range,count 3 scan times and start aligning the Brutix to another safe.As i watch(switching between screens) the encroaching combat probes and then spy the Malediction Interceptor spooling up and entering warp i get ready to warp the Brutix as soon as it lands on Grid-i think that whoever is Combat Probing is going to squad-warp the Inty onto 0m to the Signature hit.

It seems to go as i predict and as soon as the Malediction appears on grid pulling to a halt next to the Brutix i hit warp and leave him for dust.

Where i land is within 1au of where the prober got his last positive hit so i figure i have around 20 seconds give or take a few to get myself set up-i want the Brutix to get caught on the next succesful scan-i think ive done enough to convince the hostile gang that i am trying to run..not fight…so that when they do catch it,like a pack of dogs,everyones going to pile into the “kill”.

One Proteus goes to 10km off the Brutix,the second to 20km,my Damnation drops cloak and warps the short distance to land at 0m and the Falcon warps off in conjunction with the enemy gang,set to land at its Optimal of 70.Almost as soon as the last ship gets into position the Malediction appears on grid at 10km…and amazingly starts burning at high speed towards the Brutix.By the time i get positive lock and fire the Scram and Web he’s overshot by 5 or 6000m and finds himself wrapped up at near perfect range for the Ions firing Null.Two or three volleys and theres a new Amarr Elite wreck

As he dies the rest of the gang lands and straight away the Onyx deploys his bubble-trapping everything.

Damnation tackles Apocalypse;Brutix tackles Onyx,Proteus number one decloaks and gets secondary tackle on the Apoc and number two does the same to the Onyx-the Hound and Vexor ill deal with later if i have to.The Hound was smart though and obviously delayed his warp so that he would land at range and is sitting quite comfortably out at 50km lobbing his shells and the Apoc pilot is also doing a good job of primarying the Brutix which is hurting badly with all the focused fire.I become aware of a decent enough number of EC-300s on the field at the same time as the Onyx drops his bubble so decide to uncloak the Falcon and see how many i can jam out and stop them spreading the drones to try and co-ordinate a burst for freedom by one or both of the prizes.

I decide to focus damage onto the Apoc first,deciding that it and the Onyx are about equal in value and after a few minutes slog it assplodes

Next in line is the Onyx-all the while im trying to get some point on the Hound and Vexor but both are doing a good job of keeping at range from my tackle ships so i decide ill just settle for the Apoc and Onyx-another few minutes and the over-tanked HIC goes up

The Hound decides that all is lost(and that i’d finally had the sense to get some Warriors launched and chewing at his structure) and warps off but the Vexor is still burning away…right at the Falcon.

Its only the screaming alarm and a glance at the watchlist that shows the Falcon is in trouble-i switch screens in time and make a fast decision-let the Vexor keep coming-dont jam it-set the smart-bomb going to try kill his drones and warp the Brutix off to the nearest celestial and then back again at 0m to the Falcon and just maybe ill catch it.

It seems to work-the seconds countdown,the Falcons armor steadily disappears,i imagine the Vexor pilot tastes the imminent kill and right at the last second i spy the return of my Brutix..at 0m to the Vexor-Scram and Web gets applied-Falcon jammers go on and…thank you Black Jebus…he’s jammed and i get the Falcon out.Vexor dies

Thats it.D-Scan is filled with wrecks and Pods,the Hound and a Cheetah-all soon disappearing back from whence they came,five ships and  1.3 Billion lighter.

  1. Wow! How many alts do you have?

    • u93ajax says:

      Five separate characters.I started off with two and it kept growing…main reasons were my TZ limitations(Australia/S.Hemisphere seems to have a dearth of W-space players relative to euro/US) and not having enough firepower to go toe-to-toe with your average wormhole roaming or response gang.Takes some getting used to and running any more than two at once when fighting limits the boats you can use(no kiters) to say nothing of when it all goes wrong it tends to be a bloodbath =).

  2. zhundult says:

    I’m still amazed how effective you are flying that many ships into PvP at the same time. I struggle with 2 at once when they can shoot back at me. Nice write up!

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