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Posted: June 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Two weeks in and i think ive found a home.A brief sojourn with Continuum.   which ended really badly(accused of stealing approx 2 Billion Isk in ships-from a supposedly secure POS that a director had left open access to anyone-which was done sometime in a 48 hour window around the time i left the Corp…of course im guilty right?!-the fact that i had 24 hours before leaving declined being granted access to the “secure” POS because i didnt need it…had split a 600 million loot stash with two others and had my own POS password breached on three separate occasions during the previous 10 days-i think a Director taking the opportunity to snoop around my Ship Hangar to see if i had been careless and logged off whilst leaving my shiny ships in the hangar-all seeming to 110% definitely finger me as the culprit!!…..the vitriolic bile i was subjected to by one paricularly annoying member in their public channel was a bit much so for several days i was pretty firmly set on harassing and burning as much of their stuff/pilots as i could…but well…a few days with my current guys and i just forgot about it…..mind you,if all goes to plan Continuum. should get a nasty surprise in a couple of months =)

My main concern during the past two weeks has been the damned issues with game ever since the new launcher was implemented.Socket-closed much?!?.

So far its cost me about a Billion in losses and at least twice that in missed kills.The first happened  around 24hours post-launcher and cost us surefire kills on a Proteus,Tengu,Onyx and Pilgrim-while seeing me lose an Astarte and low-slave pod-the Proteus and Tengu(null-bears) were wrapped up in their own bubble 30-40km from a safe jump-getting hit on by my Astarte,Proteus,Damnation,Brutix and Epigene in his Bomber while my Falcon was safely cloaked out at Optimal when i saw all my clients disconnect one-by-one mid-fight except the Falcon.By the time i got the clients back online the Astarte and pod was dead and it was only the fact that the Falcon stayed up that saw me get the rest back to safety-with varying degrees of armor/hull left.


The second happened a few days later in very similar circumstances-just about to drop the hammer and-blarrp…all disconnect.


Since joining up with Broken Wheel ive had an ok run kill-wise-due for the most part to the continued use of my Gnosis…honestly,this thing is like throwing chum in the ocean…i dont think i have room to list all the kills its snagged during the past 14 days-needless to say i have been buying up any i see on the market that are going below the market rate so i have a decent stockpile.Another new-ship that im impressed with is the Harbinger.For ages ive so much wanted to like the Harb(i think due to my early Eve-hero using it as his ship of choice) but i could never get a fit that i was happy with.However,with the nerfing of the Hurricane-and it IS a hell of a Nerf in practice-i think ive got something in the Harb that i like the look of..


yes it was a loss mail but what it doesnt say is that i was at 30% armor when i engaged the Tempest-yes,another socket-closed incident-

he died tho’

Someone in Broken Wheel asked me the other day-while we were waiting for two likely fellows to gank my Gnosis-how i found the patience to “do this kind of stuff?” and he correct-it does take something of a different attitude i think.It not really the “fight” itself thats the highlight-its the set-up….everything has to go smoothly,a mistake at any point along the trail tends to blow everything-with Wormhole space being how it is you never know 100% just who is watching but through very careful preparation you can cover almost all possibilities and minimise the risk/ensure success.The incident he was talking about is shown here

-true enough it was a long set-up and wait for just a Drake and Rifter but it just as likely next time to be two Tengus(just like here and here)

-and it is satisfying turning the tables on obviously over-powered stuff.

Ok-what a fractured post.Must get back to proper AARs.




  1. splatus says:

    Well, I am happy you are flying with us now – its been a great ride so far.

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