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As i alluded to i decided to leave the Corporation that i had joined a couple of weeks ago and sought out another one that i had been interested in for a long time(but for various reasons never got myself organised enough to do anything about).As a parting gift i left them with this  on their Killboard.(As to what they gave me as a leaving present…..another time..but i have a thumb down/thumb up decision to make)

Since the Eve anniversary ive been wondering what to do with my Gnosis’-they had been gathering dust in Amarr Emperor until i found myself engaging one  and being quite impressed with how long it took to kill.I organised myself a similar fit and sent my intrepid explorer off to a local C2 system with some Asteroid sites.Of course,i had looong since earlier set up my cloaking Proteus in the system to keep an eye on the natives-and sure enough soon after my exploring-ship-that-could had thrown some core probes all over the system to attract anyones attention and marked the nearest Gravimetric site…one then two then three then four then five ships began appearing at one of the systems two POS’.

Proteus,Loki,Phobos,Harbinger and ?Bomber(was 5 but cant remember 5th one).

A fairly solid little gang and that did give me some thoughts about bailing out but as i watched the Phobos enter warp the decision was made for me.Expecting that the system natives would have the Gravimetric site already Bookmarked and i imagined a cloaker sitting 2-10000m off my bow i got ready to lauch my own attack ships into the coming fight-Astarte and Damnation warp to the Hi-Sec side of the connection ready to jump in……except….nothing happening at the Grav. site.

With horror i figured they had warped to the Hi-Sec connecting hole and was awaiting any second one of them to jump through to hi-sec(to check that there no nastys sitting right on the connection ready to jump in!!).In a hurry now i decided to send the Gnosis off to the hi-sec exit and see what was going to come of it all(and stop one of them from actually jumping through).

Gnosis landed right enough at 20km from the exit on the edge of the Phobos’ bubble so straight away i aligned 180 degrees and started motoring towards the sun…..satisfyingly i noted straight off that all four started burning with me…away from the exit….as soon as the Proteus,Loki and Harbinger got to within 10km of the Gnosis(10km+ from the exit) i decloaked my own Proteus-also sitting within 10km of my Gnosis and jumped in the Astarte and Damnation.

Unfortunately-managing the three attack ships left me ignoring the Gnosis-it does have three Medium Reppers for a reason!!-so as soon as i was sure i had tackle on the hostile Proteus with my own i heard the familiar alarm scream coming from my Gnosis screen and knew that it had died(horribly) without tackling anything(Loki maybe??!)or repairing itself

Sooo…the fight was on anyway-the target Proteus was well held with my Scrambler and i decided to swing around and get my long point on the Loki-before i managed to do so-he bailed!!…Harbinger was next closest so that DOES get caught-as i am also burning the Astarte and Damnation out to the engagement i aware of the Phobos still on the field and i swing both ships past him by metres-but i decide to leave it and get as much tackle and damage onto the Proteus…as he is obviously well fit and taking an age to die with just my measly four-gun T3 hitting him.

For the next couple of minutes its three on two-the Proteus is a beast but he is dropping steadily,wrapped up 30km from safety-the Harbinger is milling around the area also tackled and firing off his Lasers but im fairly confident my tanks are going to hold up well enough.As the target Proteus drops into low armor i see on D-Scan that there is an Oneiros inbound-going to attempt to save his friend from certain destruction-what luck that i have kept my hated Falcon cloaked up within optimal range of the fight so far so as soon as the Oneiros lands on grid i decloak it-target the hated Logi(i hate these things more than Falcons) and give myself a laugh as he is jammed on first cycle.With the Logi jammed he decides discretion is the better part of valor and he too warps off.

With that the Proteus dies-i decide to switch over to the Harbinger now-but also decide to get my own Proteus which is down to 40% armor out of the fight and safely cloaked.Having done so i realise that although ive kept the Harb well tackled by the Astarte and Damnation ive not thrown any webs on him….and although he deep into structure,he’s been Afterburnering(not MWD!!) back towards the exit…which he makes with about one more volleys worth left of his hull…..

Some minutes spent looting the field of the Proteus and my Gnosis wrecks(always a bit scary when it 30km away from safety) and no sign of any desire from the natives to carry on the fight saw me decide to get the nice swag haul safely out of system.

Straight after i all safe and repaired i was off to pick up another Gnosis-with some modifications to the fit …i.e… more active tanking!

Within the next few hours it was more of the same…Harbinger then Hurricane and Brutix

i am sure, dear reader,that you can spot the common thread running through each =)



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