Losses…wins…a new home….then another.

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Where to begin?….loads of kills since last post but since i conscious of it all “kills kills kills” i’ll link a nasty couple of losses courtesy of Adhocracy….


and..ouch! ….

..i had watched them traversing my local C2 system out to Hi-Sec and back from whatever pit of hell they were coming from on obvious re-supply runs and decided to try trap a Proteus that i thought i had a chance of bagging…of course he was cloaky fit so all i did was alert them to my presence…….an hour afk saw me come back and notice them still up to their business-jumping in a Nightmare from Empire….surely they wouldnt be trying a bait trap an hour later????

Anyway i tackled the Nightmare on the C2>C4 connection and was initially enthused at clear D-Scan…double Proteus’ on it and it was dipping pleasingly enough…and then Hell arrived.

Lokis,Sleipnirs,Tengus etc etc started appearing so it was rudder about and get back into the C2 and hopefully cloak up and wait it out.I surprised myself again with the “pvp shakes” though managed to get one Proteus motoring away and cloaked,a Brutix into warp to safety…but the second Proteus….started burning it back towards the hole in error/shakes/panic, ruining its chance at cloaking and with dismay realised that it was the one i had jumped through behind the Nightmare so with the fleeing antics its jump timer was also messed up.

The hostile gang piled through and started laying the hurt down-uncloaked Falcon to see if i could free it but Sabre had bubble deployed toot-sweet…..anyway to be succinct the Proteus and pod was Kaput.

My own fault-expecting a gang like Adhocracy NOT to lay an ambush(lolwut??!!)-around a Billion up in smoke-that ship i dont think even got any kills-i had only started using it the day previous(preferred the Astarte-exactly because of things like this-being way cheaper to lose).

Ok thats losses out of the way. =)

Since last post(3 weeks maybe) i have been pretty busy in game-took the plunge and signed up with a Corporation that i spied on the Recruitment Forum and after a couple of convos with the very pleasant CEO was convinced to sign up and move to their “home” wormhole system.A day or so of getting settled in and then i was all ready to start fleeting up with the chaps…follow the Chains which someone(someone!?..anyone??!) would have laid out earlier….except no-the place was deserted!….just me and for a few days another friendly guy who liked to get out in his Procurer to mine but towards the end he too seemed to find better things to do with his time and didnt see much of him.Anyway i stuck it out for a couple of weeks and during that time managed to net myself a total haul of just short of 8 Billion Isk worth of kills…none of the engagements really stand out-almost every one was setting up an Ambush using my Noob-Alt in a range of T1 Battlecruisers or a Gnosis…the choicest one i suppose would be this

…aye,he dropped a 3billion Tengu(with his pal in a Manticore) on to my “plexing” noob in a Prophecy.

I did manage to fleet up with my new corpmates on one occasion(after i had vacated the derelict w-system and moved to their hi-sec Mining system)-after a mooch around the neighborhood i jumped into a vast C3 system(175au) and spied a Rattlesnake sitting piloted in the single POS.

Due to the size of the system i was able to BM all the signatures unseen except for two around the POS-making sure i got all the Mag. and Radar sites pinned-i couldnt foresee the pilot actually taking the Rattler out to run regular system anomalys.

Some chat in Corp channel saw a few guys show an interest in coming along-but as the minutes passed i was getting less and less convinced that anything was going to happen….until a Drake logged in at the POS followed by a Rokh….now i was pretty certain they were tooling up to go run those Sleeper Sigs.All the while i had three of my ships idling in the hi-sec entry system…at the Sun…aligned to the wormhole system entrance,just waiting for the moment when i could send them on their charge-a random screen switch to one of them and…..a Rattlesnake…from the same Corp. as the C3 is bumping my Brutix out of its alignment…??….where the hell did he come from?….and why is he bumping me?…is it that obvious that all three attack ships are aligned to his wormhole?(yes!)-to make it worse,at this point,jumping into system is 3 of my Corpmates for a total of 6 in a local count of maybe 10 at most-with sickening realisation i decide that the game is up..the cover is blown so we may as well give up and go home.

..then i think of a long-shot-i say on Comms “everyone start warp scrambling each other”-i am trying to get this snooper to think that-“no we not waiting aligned at the sun to your wormhole-we just goofing around mock-fighting”-its obvious he will see all the warp scramble notifications and the 6 ships all orbiting each other-this goes on for a few minutes before i squad warp everyone to the nearest stargate and we jump out.

…..and five minutes later the Rattlesnake and Rokh in the C3 start spooling up their engines….warp off….to one of the system Anomalys……175au away!

A few minutes(yes minutes) of warping and recharging capacitors ensues and eventually i am set at a Perch in my Cloaked Proteus with the Falcon 20km behind me-this a Rattlesnake im going for-all bets are off!!..the Falcons getting used.Just as i am about to warp down and snare them both the Rokh warps off-my first thought is that its because the return of our 6 or 7 ships to the hi-sec entry system has been broadcast on the targets Comms so i decide to push on anyway and just go for the Rattlesnake alone in case he is on the point of deciding to warp out too-i swoop the Proteus in to the nearest wreck, decloak and get a succesful lock with Long Point and Scrambler-the Falcon is just behind me and straight away i uncloak it-lock up the prize and get succesful Jams on him-what i was most concerned about happens to be the case-i see him dumping out a flight of ECM Drones-one succesful jam and he’ll get away…except,he cant target my Proteus now-and his drones decide that the 2 sleeper cruisers on grid are more worthy of their auto-aggressing attention….which is a relief because the Cavalry(with more tackle) are 1 hi-sec system/a jump/then a 175au warp away!!

Soon enough i get everyone in warp across the system to the Rattlesnake-all the while hoping that ill see the Rokh make a re-appearance to come help his pal-after all,the fight has now been going on for more than a minute and with the vastness of the system…..there is nothing showing on D-scan to any of the parties involved-but no….the Cavalry arrives- multiple points are applied so he is going nowhere and damage starts getting laid onto the Beast……it takes a while-at least until i get the Astarte into optimal and it starts working its magic


…more loot to the swag pile.

In the near future i intend to write some about my new favorite ‘ambush tactic” and ship-it all came to me in inspiration less than 24 hours ago and already its pulled in 4 kills-one of them this

…and ive joined another Corp!!



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