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More losses today…but all in a good cause!

On log-in i found a C2 from my home base in Empire and some mooching around saw me find its connection to another C2 system….two Legions,Tengu,Arazu and Tempest on scan initially-soon found to be all piloted and idling in the systems only POS.

The Tengu disappeared off scan followed shortly by everything except the Arazu-some flying around saw the Tengu running one of the system anomalys alone-i was certain it was bait so decided to leave it alone-seemed to be confirmed when it killed one wave of Sleepers easily before warping off to somewhere unknown.Around 30 minutes later i spied the return of the two Legions and they too decided to run one of the systems anomalys-now my thinking had changed….you wouldnt put TWO Legions out as bait would you?

Anyway as they finished the last Sleeper Battleship i decided to swoop down and get tackle on both of them with my Proteus(with the rest of my Boats hovering on the entry hole).As i got positive lock on both of them i realised that there had been a change over and in fact i had snared myself a Legion and the Arazu?!Blasters on to the Arazu to see if i could get a quick kill but the two were smart and started burning in opposite directions-not wanting to lose the Legion i had to let the Arazu go and took off behind the T3…with some consternation noting that even though he scrambled he still pulling about 1300m/s….100MN afterburner fit.I decided to bring in the rest of my boats(who had webs fitted) to see if i could get him wrapped up but the 25+au warp meant by the time they landed he was waaaaay out of range-the chase went on for a few minutes before my Proteus finally had to give it up due to burning out its Mwd and both points-(WTB-extra mid-slot for Proteus!).

As often happens in these situations-once i had removed all my boats from system except the cloakers the number of natives arriving at their POS grew quite dramatically,either from log-ins or the appearance of numerous Recons that may have been present all the time-Bombers,Falcon,Rapier etc etc.For a while it looked as if they might be up for a straight up fight as the pilots jumped in and out of a selection of Battleships/Battlecruisers and T3s but nothing-no-one would leave the safety of their POS shield in anything other than the Recon cloakers.

I had exited all my boats except a Falcon- left behind unseen to keep an eye on things but the lack of action from the natives saw me giving it up as a waste of time so i went afk for a while and on my return could see a greatly reduced contact list and only a remaining four or five active boats inside the POS…..soon followed on D-Scan by an Orca….which i watched landing on grid….and coming to a halt outside the POS shield….

…super fast inventory of the POS defences(1 scrambler) saw me hurriedly get all my attack ships ready on the connecting wormhole and after a quick bookmarking of the nearest battery to the Orca i jumped in and sent the Brutix off to warp-to-O.On landing it REALLY quickly became apparent that i should have sent all ships into action….the Brutix got the Orca into armor before dying to the massed autocannons of the starbase.As i had an Astarte and Hurricane on standby,the sight of all that red showing on the Orca pushed me into sending them both warping to O on the now shipless-ex-Brutix pilots pod.The Astarte landed and as is the way with it,up close with 2 or 3 volleys saw the Orca disappear in a bang.The next 20 seconds saw me urging and willing ole’ fat ass to get aligned and out of danger as the armor all-too-rapidly disappeared….it made it out with flames streaming.In the panic i had forgotten about the Hurricane and with some dismay on switching screens realised that one of the natives in his Drake had managed to get a long point fastened onto it….uncloak of the Falcon now to try and free him but..goddamm it CCP….it wouldnt let me target him due to him allegedly being inside his Force Field…though he could point my Hurricane?!….’cane also died once the starbase woke up again and started pounding on it with the massed cannons…..Brutix and Hurricane down



..but i like to think of it more as a glorious sacrifice…

Orca and two Hulks

…three-in-one and another billion ISK+ kill to add to the weeks tally.


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