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Logged in today to my local low-sec system and decided to pay a visit to a C1 system that had opened up-spied a Myrmidon piloted and idling inside a POS who then disappeared and within a few minutes sleeper wrecks started appearing-unfortunately he was in neither of the two anomalys so i figured he was in a signature(which i hadnt had the chance to scan).I decided to let him run the site and then see if his confidence led him to switch to the systems anomalys-long boring wait-a Noctis appears to salvage-and he warps back to his POS to loiter some more.

Enough waiting so i decide to use the old-noob trick.I bring in my noob out-of-Corp character in a Brutix-throw out some core probes and make like i looking for “gas sites”.Except theres no Ladar sigs.Change of plan and i resolve a Radar site-quick warp-to-O and im pummeling the C1 sleepers easily….all the while keeping an eye on D-scan..and watching the activity at one of the natives POS’ with my Cloaky Proteus.

Buzzard and Vexor….for some reason that not clear the natives drop a tackling Buzzard onto my Brutix and point it from around 15km-i start burning toward it but cant get close enough to throw a Scrambler on him-which i think helped me later(he came back at 0m in a Cynabal-i hope due to he assuming i had no tackle fit?)-but five Hammerheads onto him and he died before he got himself aligned and clear.Just as he died a Vexor landed and this was easy enough to get up close to,scram and webbed and he died pretty quick too.All the while im having to contend with 4 or 5 sleeper cruisers and am just contemplating a warp out to save my reps/cap when a Cynabal lands on grid…40km…30km..20km…15…10..and he comes to a halt around 2000m from the Brutix….scram/web and it goes down in flames in seconds.

Tackling Buzzard



Nice job and i decide to take some time warping in and out looting the wrecks-all the while spying more and more boats appearing on Scan-Drakes,Ferox a Falcon and some Gallente frigate.What follows is a few minutes game playing-letting the natives know i warping in and out of the site so if they want they can set up a welcome gang.

As this is going on i decide to get some other characters logged in and shipped up-Falcon and Armor ‘Hurricane and into position in the low sec. system on the entry.The numbers appear fairly even so i decide to commit the Brutix again-into the site…tackle the obvious bait Drake and wait and see what happens……

Another Drake-the Ferox,TWO Falcons and an Oracle all decide to make an appearance now and the poor Brutix is taking a beasting(while being jammed by the two ECM boats).Some frenzied screen switching and jumping and im able to get my own Falcon into warp as well as the ‘cane and Proteus-the combat ships land and start engaging but the two hostile Falcons are too much and soon enough all three boats are jammed-even though my own Falcon is available i decide to keep it cloaked-i not too convinced that everything is going to head south for the moment-the two hostile ECM ships are both within point range and i figure all i need is a missed jam and there a good chance of catching them both.

Sure enough i sense that they have both missed on their next cycles and i start locking both up but before i can get any meaningful damage onto them all 3 of my attack ships are jammed again-a glance at the screens seems to be saying each one is jammed by the swarm of EC-300s that are on the field.As this was going on i logged in a fifth character undocked it immediately and sent it off to the system entry hole-in warp i realised that it not flying  my favorite choice of ship for this type of engagement-he in a Vagabond HAC-definitely not something you can throw into a fight and leave it unattended for 30 seconds or so.The flip side i considered was that it would be great at burning around and putting pressure on the two Falcons..which it did and i managed to get one tackled and ass-ploded before he could switch his jammers onto me

Falcon no.1

and with them being so close together it wasnt a great stretch to get the other one wrapped up as well

Falcon no.2

At the same time i decided myself that i better start using my own jammers-i go through ups and downs with Falcons-i use it without question if there something really juicy on the field that i 100% do not want to lose a kill on but otherwise,in the main,its there as my own anti-ECM boat and ill tend toward not using at all unless i can justify it to myself( like 2 hostile Falcons maybe?)…i would have to go back probably a couple of years to find the last time that i used it to “save” one of my own ships in a relatively straight,stand-up fight….

..that all became moot though as it got hammered in super-fast time by the Oracle and a Naga that had arrived unbekownst to me


my  Brutix died quick….at some point..unnoticed…followed in pretty short order by the ‘cane….the Brutix i was expecting to lose and was prepared to give it up but the speed at which the ‘cane died really caught me off guard-i think it was the Oracle and Naga sitting out at 60-70km that really did a number on second it was tanking the Ferox and Drakes up close-a screen switch later it was alarms screaming and bang it died.



The smart thing now would have been to cut losses and run-i had stashed the loot from the Cynabal and Buzzard and managed to pick up my own Falcon loot but on warping out my surviving Proteus and Vagabond…i decided to get the Pods into new boats and have at them again.


In short order-some flying and fooling around saw me roll in a Damnation(first use of one-not impressed!) and another Falcon to put alongside my two survivors and it was back in to the fight..but i couldnt pull it all together-too many wrecks,boats, Drones and lousy ill-prepared warp ins saw me lose another Falcon almost immediately( Oracle again!!)  and whilst trying to get the Falcon working and setting my Proteus about the Ferox i did what i knew under no circumstances could i allow myself to do…i left the Vaga drifting aimlessly unattended…one of the natives got his scram on it and anyone can tell what happens next….Vaga dies miserably clawing at a snails pace to reach that magical 10km and freedom…


Whipped Cur

somehow…..i no idea how….i managed to get my Proteus and Damnation(at 25% armor) to safety-either a tackler was capped out or there was some error but thank the stars i did.

I left it….the loss of the second Falcon and the Vaga was a bitter pill-i had no strategy at all in the second half of the fight-so i ended up throwing them away for no real reason..turning what would have been a pretty decent victory into a draw.

Good convos in local afterwards-for all the losses i took it was definitely one of the better fights ive had for a while…i reckon the whole thing from start to end lasted about 30 minutes and i was exhausted at the end…first bout of the “pvp shakes” in a while too.

I was really surprised at home much hurt the Naga and the Oracle in particular  was laying down from range-and once the Hurricane and Brutix died i should have realised that my 4 Gun Proteus wasnt going to be killing either of the Drakes or the Ferox fast.

Final tally

killed- Buzzard,Vexor,Cynabal,Atron and two Falcons..

lost- Brutix,Hurricane,Vagabond and two Falcons….actually when it in black and white ill give the natives 60/40!

I took a break before poking around some more….found this one jump over..

Dirty Bustard

though this was the icing…

thats gotta hurt

and then,when none of the six active pilots in system would come to avenge their pal(they all logged off) i decided to go poke around low-sec for a while.

How fortuitous.


i had watched him and two friends smoke some solo’er in a Hookbill and do a bit of chest thumping in local at their 3 Assault Frig to 1 Hookbill victory….after his pals disappeared i spied him rolling out his Carrier from the station..he going to jump it back to wherever he came from right?….nah-with my cloaky scout being the only other pilot in Local he decided to run some Angel Hub with his Nid.

With shaking hands i got the other characters logged in and into what,i hoped,would be suitable boats…i have never fought against a Carrier before(solo-Myrming an Archon and getting ass-ploded doesnt count!) so in the back of my head i was telling myself “it doesnt matter anyway because 4 attack ships arent going to be enough to kill a Carrier”.

Anyway-i decided to roll with Neut Domi,Talos,Hurricane and Brutix with Falcon present to do what it could.The warp in went like a charm-i waited until he popped a rat up close-bookmarked the wreck-warped Falcon back to the entry gate-jumped Hurricane through alone and squad warped it on top of the Carrier.As soon as i had point secured and there was no change in local count i brought the other three in and that was it…10 minutes of chewing away at the Beast and he died(i couldnt believe it).I lost my Hurricane to his fighters-i wasnt tackled so should have just warped out but..well…i was tired!Loot from the Nidhoggur looks like a tally of close to 300 million isk-he left dozens of sentrys and fighters on the field that i was able to scoop(4 hauler loads worth of drones and Mods!). definitely put more shine on the days activity.

Anyway-the heavy fight first thing has really set me to deciding that i cant keep on fighting with 4 and 5 boats at once…this all started off with two..then three…and now its at five… not playing regular enough to get everything flowing automatically and when i do log-on ill jump at anything without thinking it through properly…….still searching for a home and a gang to fly with!!


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