..in threes.

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Uncategorized


Two losses in two days gave me a nice eve-o kick in the teeth as a welcome back.The first happened during one of those times where you KNOW you should log off but a small thing happens(i saw a Scorpion on D-scan) and you decide to half-heartedly investigate further.

Anyway i had spent a fruitless few hours scanning and searching-watching piloted ships in a few systems doing nothing inside their POS’ and was on the cusp of ruddering about all ships and sending them on their way back to my home system when i caught glimpse of a Scorpion-a few minutes D-Scanning and watching exits and it became apparent that two pilots were moving ships from their Corp POS out to high sec.To begin with i was thinking i’d stumbled on two corp thiefs as a few smaller ships made the same journey-ships out,pods in-and as i realised that the hi sec exit was off D-Scan range from the POS i had the bright idea to bring in a cloaking HIC and park it somewhere convenient to snag anything that looked juicy on one of their trips.

On traversing the neighboring C3 from my base in lo-sec i noticed a Tengu present in system that i hadnt noticed on my last scan ohh say an hour previously-of course,unless he was asleep he had to have seen my Phobos and Hurricane making the move.

That should have been my first cue that my whole plan was going to be a cack-handed effort.

Second cue was that as i was warping the Phobos across the target system C2 to the high sec. exit two pods appeared on D-Scan(having jumped in from hi-sec-again,they MUST have seen the HIC right?).

Anyway i blithely cloaked up the Phobos when it landed and settled in to wait.The sound of an alarm dragged me back to my Hurricane waiting in the C3 to spy a Manticore sitting 50km away throwing Torps out-im guessing it was the Tengu pilot-so followed a 10 minute game of him throwing out Torps and trying to smoke me before my Warriors finished him off.A few minutes later in the C2 a Drake landed at Om on the hi-sec exit so i sent in a Brutix to try and bait him off the hole but no go-he wasnt for moving.I noticed a few more boats appearing on D-scan-a Loki,Legion,Harbinger and one or two bombers-wanting to get it all over and done with i sent through my Hurricane as well to see if that might fire up the natives to make a move instead of orbiting the exit at 100m-the droll game of shooting at each others ships before jumping out to hi-sec went on for a few minutes-there was too many hostiles orbiting for me to have any chance of thinning out the crowd or tanking long enough to draw at least one more than 5000m away-on my final effort the unexpected sound of targetting drew me to my Phobos screen and with a sinking feeling i realised it had somehow been de-cloaked sitting at 11km away from safety-it died pretty fast……


…..sometimes when you decide to log-off for the day…you should just log off.

……or sometimes you shouldnt have logged in.

A couple of days later i logged in my noob character to my local low-sec system and on undocking got a scanner full of wrecks…a Megathron…and an Archon Carrier.A quick scan for anomalys and off i sent the Myrmidon in warp-to-0 to the signature.On landing i bumped right up against the Carrier and for some reason decided would be a great idea to tackle it.Followed was a frantic effort to get my other boats logged in to at least see if i could take down the Megathron but the screaming alarms from my neuted-to fuck Myrm gave me a clear hint that it was all going to be in vain…….


…the comment in local from the Mega pilot was pretty apt….”lol-the fuck was that?”…….i couldnt agree more!

The third loss is a whole post in itself so ill write it up soon enough-it not all doom though as i got a nice gank on a Dominix that was part of a 5 or 6 man response gang and managed to gtfo-more on that in the next installment.

I currently actively seeking a home corporation and have a couple of options so far but if anyone knows of a likely spot i could call home let me know.


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