As one door closes another one opens…

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

So-i resubbed about 10 days ago after a few months break-i’d been sort of keeping up to date with the eve-o forums and various blogs.

Anyway,on logging in to my current base system i found all my gear as id left it…except for all my BCs-several minutes panic when i saw what had happened to the Hurricane during my hiatus but that subsided after i managed to squeeze a decent enough fit(minus Medium Neut no.2)….and after i’d played around with the new Brutix and MAAR-well…new favourite boat i think.

The Brutixs’ status was confirmed after i’d positioned my lowest skilled Character in a nearby C2 system-playing the part of hapless noob running some anomalys for ISK solo.On this occasion i’d managed to sneak the cloaky Proteus into system unseen and had my interest piqued by the presence of a Myrmidon and Badger sitting piloted in a POS.Almost as soon as i’d decided to put on the noob act with the Brutix i spied the Badger spooling up and heading off to a POCO so rather than warp to the nearest Anom i sent the Brutix on a collision course-it landed just a shade off 10km from the stationary Badger but as i engaged MWD and started burning i bounced off the POCO and ended up about 17km away from him by the time he warped to safety.

Doing my usual spasticated spamming of D-Scan all the while i spied the flash of 2 Manticores and decided to sit the Brutix right on 0m to the POCO.Soon enough one of the Mantis decloaked at 40km-launched his bomb and started spitting torpedoes out.

I decided to take a risk and engaged MWD-overheat-and started burning out to the Manti,all the while watching my armor disappear at a horrific rate.

I was trying to keep him on the field long enough to close and get scram on him and figured if he thought he was in for the kill he may just overstay…which is exactly what he did…at 12km i turned on both reppers-overheat-and just as the cycle kicked in and my plate shot back up to a healthy level i was able to activate scram and pretty much one-shotted him.

Manticore no.1

…as to why they both didnt attack at the same time ive no idea……

Within a couple of minutes i spied the unfortunate Manti pilot re-shipping into a Drake and as he sped off in the direction of my Brutix again i could see the Myrmidon also starting to spool up inside the POS.The Drake landed at pretty much 0m on top of the Brutix(lolwut?!) and straight away it was scram/web and onto him with the Heavy Ion 2s at point blank.Confirmed afterwards was that the Drake had a pretty decent/standard Drake tank but the Blasters were doing a great job of taking him down fast.Unfortunately the Myrm decided to also land at 0m which was my cue to start making an attempt at putting some distance between us all-it had turned from a likely solo kill on the Drake to me running to try and save my boat.

In buying myself some time(overheating MWD/MAR2 and MAAR) i decided i could afford the 20-30 seconds or so to switch screens and attempt to bring in a Hurricane i had parked on the entry hole in the neighboring C2.A quick traverse with the Cane and throw into warp-to-0 on my Brutix.A switch back to the Brutix and i decided to rudder about with around 25% armor showing (but the mods all looked to be about 75% heat damaged) and was able to re-engage scram and web on the Drake just long enough to hold it in place until the ‘cane landed-at this point i’d decided that the Brutix was most likely going to die but was going to be a fair trade as long as i could make sure and hold the 2 hostile BCs on the field for the inbound ‘cane to deal with.

The second Manticore decided to make an appearance at this point at <4000m from the Brutix and i was able to engage targetting from both my boats onto it and he disappeared in a flash

Manticore i wrapped up both the Drake and Myrm with the cane i decided that just maybe i was going to save the Brutix after all-it was doing a great job of Hull tanking and the reppers giving just enough on their Cycle to stop the two hostiles chewing through the last pieces of structure-warp-to-the-sun and i was clear.

The cane made short work of the Drakes remaining shields and armor and he died fast


before i switched over to the Myrm…expecting some triple repping monster laying my anaemic Hurricane to waste.Luck was with me however and soon became apparent that he was double-repped at the most and looked like he didnt have a cap injector fitted….



G/fs’ all round in local and it truly was….

The new Brutix suits my style very well(get on them at 0,overheat everything and see who’s left when the smoke clears).The fit is nothing spectacular-rack of Ions,Medium Injector,Scram/web  MAR2/MAAR,DCU,EANM and Mag.Stab.3x Repper rigs.I think a dose of Standard Exile is a must(without it im 99.9% certain it would have died in this engagement).

I was so impressed at its performance that on moving on to the Providence Region an hour or so later i managed to jump a Harb and Brutix belt ratting and was so wary of letting the Brutix get up close to engaging my Hurricane that i let the Harbinger go with about 25% hull left rather than let the target Brutix get on top of me……


..facepalm at not realising i in the realm of “provi-noobs”.


In the 10days or so since i re-subbed ive managed to take down 15 or so boats-some juicy Battleships,the usual BCs and a Legion with a nice drop (he was running a C2 Anom in a Maller and just before i warped in to tackle he warped off-reshipped and came back!?!)


It not all been roses though-i lost a well fitted Astarte to Concord in high sec(autopilot through 1.0 systems when you at -2.5 not a good idea) and was face-punching myself at missing what would have been my top-kills for a long time…a Legion and Tengu belonging to the only Corp/Alliance im wary of in my running through w-space-two members of


(long story but a long time ago i lemminged myself against their Corp. in their home system)

…there was no engagement as i hesitated for about 30 seconds(hesitated because ive seen these guys at work) and by the time i was good-to-go they had gone(i suspect they got sight on scan of me entering the C2-as they were in the middle of smoking some plexing ‘phoon and Hyperion).

I suspect that there wont be much action killing-stuff-wise over the next few days as ive decided to grind all Characters security status back up so as to avoid any more Astarte-like losses and give me some more room to take down targets in lo-sec.

At the moment im looking for a low-class wormhole corp. to join(PvP)-Australian would be great but any TZ is do-able…anyone know of any likely homes give me a shout in game.


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