Lining ’em up-part two.

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I want to continue on and wrap up the tale of the events touched on here and here 

with Epigene doing me the courtesy of telling the tale from his Corporations side.

After the kills gathered during the 4 to 5 days id been active in the C2 and my conversation with Epigene i decided that the only option was to vacate the system for a time-anything i was likely to see as a potential target i had to strongly consider as a bait ship.My run up to this point had been decent enough-not spectacular,merely competent and a good re-acquaintance with the ins and outs of my play-style since taking a break.

Having exited all four combat ships out to Empire at a quiet opportunity i set them to the usual run of exploring wormhole openings from Hi and Lo sec space and managed to bag a couple of targets-one of which i was pretty astounded at 250mill Drake!

..he wasnt even running a site-he saw my Proteus entering the system-warped to the hi-sec hole-jumped out and then straight back in…………

Within about 72 hours i decided that i was missing my new chums at Broken Wheel in their C2 so,again when all seemed relatively quiet,i scanned,moved, jumped in and then logged off my Combat ships along with my new trick….character number five in a Myrmidon.

Through some hi-falutin’ calculations that i dont understand,i decided that the systems C2 static should last at least the next 12 hours so after scanning it out i sent this new character in its decidedly sub-par Myrmidon fit into the static,ran a 1/2 anomaly or two to leave some wreck traces of my having been there and logged off for the night as well.

Fast-forward eight hours and with it being a weekend and touching 40Degrees C outside(at 08:00) i log in,….first the Cloaky Proteus and have a scan around Broken Wheels C2….a few ships visible,more pilots in Contact list but otherwise unremarkable and then the Myrmidon in their static C2….again,as far as i can tell the system is empty of pilots…though i suspect a cloaker from Broken Wheel is lurking somewhere.

Time to put my idea into action.I had decided on bringing in my freshest character with the expectation that it less likely to be flagged on BWs list of Contacts-during the past 48 hours i had dropped it from the same Corporation as the rest of my Characters so to the (very) casual observer or scout it would appear a relatively new Character in an NPC corp..probably flying some shit-fit dual-tanked,Cap-Rechargers-in-the-mids,Railgun Myrmidon…that the theory anyway.

In anticipation of stirring up something i set the Myrm. to running one of the system anomalys and putting out wrecks on D-Scan and within around 10 minutes my spamming of D-Scan showed a Nemesis Stealth Bomber…BWs cloaker?…not according to the tag-it suggestive of one of the systems natives.After around 30 seconds the Nemesis disappeared to be followed for a flash by a Proteus Strategic Cruiser…cloaky?

In expectation of within the minute having my Myrmidon jumped by one of the natives in his T3 i brought my own Cloaky Proteus in BWs home system right up to jump range on the connecting wormhole….and promptly had it decloaked by yet another cloaky Proteus doing his own jump through into the C2 static.The brief time it appeared in front of me saw me recognise it as none other than Epigene himself….off to jump a harmless plexing Myrmidon??

Immediately i hit jump on my own Proteus and sent a prayer to the Gods of Australian Internet connection speeds that i would be through and ready to tackle before he had cloaked himself…as it turns out he had no intention of trying to evade and the two of our Proteii(?) began a tussle right on the hole.Once i was certain i had him wrapped up,i set a close orbit so i could follow him whether he moved off the hole or not and then ruddered about the “plexing” Myrmidon and sent it too off to join the fight.

Whatever was going to happen here i decided i was going to need more boats on standby and began the all-too-long process of logging in the other boats,number one being the Astarte which was promptly sent off to the static connection….a quick exchange of systems between my Proteus and the Astarte saw me covering his only escape route with my Proteus..this being back through the hole to his own home system.

The next minute or so saw me concentrating on his Proteus with the Astarte and Myrm….13 Blasters,rack of Heavy Drones,two scrams,web and ECM Drones saw him taking a beasting and it wasnt too long before he took the only real option and jumped back to his home system….i switched screens back to my Proteus as he did so and my heart skipped a beat….far too many greys and yellows on my Overview…..Loki…..Legion…..Sabre…..bombers on D-Scan………curses!..its a trap and ive fallen right into it!

Oh well,i suppose “its on”.

As my own Hurricane landed on the static connection next to my waiting Proteus i couldnt quite fathom what happened next-Overview cleared as i heard the hole flaring… then replaced by Epigenes badly beasted Proteus…well,at least i can maybe take that with me,so it gets opened up on by my Proteus and follow-through Astarte(wrecking its jump timer!?!##)…better make it quick as i not sure how long im going to have before the rest of the whelp-fleet arrives,so i jump through the Myrmidon as well and with all three ships hitting on it Epigenes Proteus dies

Seconds after,the Loki,Legion and Sabre all re-appear having jumped back…and also wrecking their jump timers….the wise move for me here would have been to try and fleet-warp all my ships to safety as soon as Epigenes Proteus died but for whatever reason(resignation?…kill-crazyness??) i started locking up the two yellow-skull T3s…points and webs spread over the two from my four to secure the lockdown and toss a coin as to which one gets focused on…..

…i decided on the Legion..hitting it with the Astarte,Myrmidon and Proteus,leaving my Hurricane to get scram,web,neuts and autocannons on the Loki…and was duly underwhelmed with the level of pain the three boats were laying down on the Legion.Again,through more hi-falutin’ stuff i dont really understand i have a good idea of how quick a target should die when im hitting it with one,two or all  ships and it just wasnt happening-a quick check and i see no-one is jammed then i spy the circle of greyness which is my Proteus’ capacitor….and the rows of non-active needing-cap-to-function modules…..the Legion is a Neut. fit and he messing my stuff up.

To cap it off,while all this going on i am also spamming D-Scan in total expectation of an almighty horde about to drop right on my head….and spy the appearance of a Falcon for a flash……which reminds me……of my own hated ECM jockey(not by me!) sitting out at a decidedly less than optimal 30km.I decloak the Falcon and get ready for the arrival of the hostile Falcon/Horde and right as i do so i spy the return of Epigene to the the Falcon… decloaking at 65km range…with targeting delay….and its click,lock,activate and as far as i can tell he is jammed immediately(subsequently on reading his AAR it seems he managed to get a jam off on my Hurricane-Australian lag?!).

With the hostile Falcon jammed its all in now so i throw the appropriate jam mods. onto the two T3s and switch over to the business of turning them into wrecks again.I want to get these two killed ASAP now…still expecting a horde to land and also having to contend with a hostile Falcon on the field which may get a successful counter jam on my own ECM ship next cycle if my own drops after the twenty seconds.

I decide to switch to the Loki as the Legion is frustrating me with its Brick-ness and with tons of Blasters and cannons on him at near point-blank he dies

..very quickly.

All back onto the Legion now….the Sabre i notice still hasnt deployed a bubble but is burning out to the Falcon and i see on watchlist that its dipping into armor…a jam goes on and he’s incapacitated as well but in the time it takes me to switch screens to the Proteus and attempt to get a long point on it,he’s warped off….Epigenes Falcon takes my attention next and decide to see if i can burn the Proteus out fast enough to get an overheated long RF point onto him but he warps just as im <1000m away from snagging it.All attention again back to the banged-up Legion and all four ships hitting him at near point-blank sees him die quickly

…and then silence.

I still see a bomber or two on scan and some pods but theres no sign of the HICS,Drakes,Legions,Tengus and Hurricanes i had been expecting….a super-fast switching between all 5 screens shows…some overheat-damaged Mods and a chink of red in the Falcons armor plate but otherwise all is good.

Ok-ive pushed it as far as can be expected and its get everything off the field now and camped in a safe-spot….but i cant leave the wrecks of three T3 Cruisers unlooted….so leaving the most cheap-ass boat behind(Myrm) i set about cracking them open and rifling through the loot…not too bad,150million to add to the swag pile.

Fighting with five boats is not something i would choose to make a habit of-this was the first time that id had all five clients running at once and with everything on medium settings(minus smoke trails) my system just barely kept up-a lock up and re-boot at near any point would have been a disaster-not to mention the screen-switching and micro-managing of five in a battle-a few more hostile ships on grid could have been very bad news.

I was surprised at how effective the Neuting Legion was during the fight-my Proteus was totally capped out and even pumping boosters into the injector made no difference-i think if he had flown a bit smarter and spread his Neutralisers all around my four boats he could have had a fair chance at capping all of them out before i realised what was happening and warped himself and his comrades clear..or even turning the tables-especially if the hostile Falcon had warped uncloaked and beat me to the punch with a successful jam on my Falcon-jammed Falcon would have died quick enough to the Sabre.

What i will take away is yet again i began an engagement in a known hostile system where i had more than presumed i’d be at risk of falling for a trap without really doing a thorough recce and it really only luck that saw me come out on top again-the dice cant keep rolling in your favor every time.

I had a lengthy convo with Epigene post engagement which again went well and i knew there and then that the time had come to call it all a day and leave these decent fellows in peace to carry on their project.There was some talk of maybe joining up with them-the idea of which,in principle i not too averse to-but i know myself that it would be some hump to get over in trusting that i wouldnt be setting myself up for a HUGE gank.

During my time Buccaneering through W-Space i must have watched,followed,engaged,bested and been bested by scores of Corporations-if anyone is looking to get a foothold in discovering the delights of Wormhole Space i’d wager that they couldnt do much better than seeking out Broken Wheel Mercantile and Trading Company  up-for-it Pilots with a (trust me i watched them for hours upon hours) good set up.

Let the dust settle.

I hardly logged in during the past four or five days so little recent action to report-i suspect that the next post or two might see me writing up a piece on fleet composition and tactics for the “solo” player.The playstyle i use is most definitely,totally possible with running two characters/ i did for a long time.

  1. Mimori says:

    Hey there,

    It was fun. I wouldn’t be averse to flying with you in the future. (I was the loki) As you might imagine I wasn’t tanked at all. I was expecting you to ignore me for the most part and go proteus>legion>falcon, but the best laid plans of zero tank lokis….

    • u93ajax says:

      Hey…yeah it was the Legions tank frustrating me and a by-chance realisation that the single Hurricane was putting more hurt on your Loki than the other three was on the Legion that made me switch…i REALLY got a shock when i switched screens and saw you and the other two sitting on the hole!If we can swing it im sure the future will see us team-up at some point….o7

      • Mimori says:

        I would seriously enjoy that. I think we could actually learn a lot from you and have some fun.

        Also, I’ve actually put a (small) tank on the loki for the next time someone has that realisation!

  2. Orea says:

    I logged off minutes before this battle as I’d already sat up late enough waiting for you to show. Shame I missed it, sounded like fun although I suspect the rapier I was in wouldn’t have brought much to the field.

    For the record, if you were in the alliance there wouldn’t be any gank set up for revenge. I think everyone involved had fun and I don’t think anyone was butt-hurt about their ship exploding – that’s what ships are ultimately for.

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