Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Further mayhem in lo-sec last night.I decided to get the Cynabal BPC i’d pulled from a site a couple of days ago into a manufacturing slot and once it done take that and all the swag id collected over the past few days up to Jita.In the next lo-sec system over there was a handy pile of 500k Tritanium for sale which was required to get the Cynabal built so i jumped in my T1 Badger and paid next door a visit.

Hullo…an Orca and two Hulks on scan…4 guys in local…ah well-i warped the 20au to the station and picked up my Tritanium.On the way back to the gate i ran a few D-Scans and it soon became apparent that the three boats werent at either of the two active POS’ i knew were in system…and i dont think they at any of the belts either….bet they mining a Grav site.

An idea started to form in my mind…..lets keep this harmless Badger rolling in and out of the system as if it doing some hauler runs…for “safety” maybe ill bring in another character to guard it.

I jumped in the Proteus at the same time as the Badger on its next run….sent the Badger off to the Station and sent the Proteus away out to the outer planet and threw out some Core Scanner probes.Time to leave the Proteus for now and concentrate on toing and froing the empty Badger.

After another two trips i began warping the Proteus around,tweaking D-Scan and eventually got a rough idea where the Orca and two Hulks were sitting-deep breath and bring the probes in for a scan.Yep i get a Cosmic Signature but damn its weak…all in all it takes me eight attempts to get the Grav. site to 100%….and as i hit warp-to its with an air of resignation that there is absolutely no way the three are still going to be there………..except they are…and they moving and fighting some rats that have spawned.

On warp in i had set to land at 20km which put me within 5000m of all three-decloak,target and i get Scram(3 pointer) on the Orca and take a random Hulk with the long-point.Once i have points secured i decide to bring through a Hurricane to assist with pointing duties-i dont see any ECM Drones on the field but my concern is one of them having either an ECM Burst or perhaps a Multi-Spec Jammer fitted.

The 2nd Hulk pilot has gone from Scan and local and i have vision of him jumping into a Falcon ECM cruiser to come back and try save his friends.

With both ships now locked up securely its time to attempt some ransom negotiations-standard convo goes out…xxx amount of ISK to buy your ships safety…time limit and an explanation that any combat ships appear on D-Scan meantime then they all die but its no-go-i get no response so thats that and both get stripped of their remaining structure and explode…



…add another 70 million to the swag pile destined for Jita.

At the end of it,frankly im astounded at having caught them-if i hadnt been so amazed at finding the three still in the site-with hostiles in Local and having taken eight attempts to get their position pinpointed with scan probes im pretty sure i could have brought the Hurricane in earlier and dropped it right on them in order to catch the third Hulk-as it was it was so unexpected that i couldnt believe my luck and wanted to get the Orca wrapped up as i was sure it was somehow going to magically disappear.

I suspect the low-sec system ive been using isnt used to this kind of mayhem-both these miners Alliance and the Ishtar guy from yesterdays Corporation seem to have some type of non-aggression agreement with each other-so i am fully expecting over the next few days for them to start working together and lay some kind of trap.

RL busy over the next few days so i expect game time will be limited.


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