Grief to the power of 10

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was going to continue on with my expedition tale but i had an exceptional night tonight and want to get the report written up-it should be short-and ill continue with my saga next time.

For the past few days ive been scanning down Lo-sec DED sites in order to pull in some easy ISK and to be honest just to take it easy in game.

Tonight i logged in around 30 minutes after the servers went up and paid a visit to my current favorite lo-sec system to see what had spawned.On jumping through straight away i saw dozens of wrecks on D-Scan as well as an Ishtar Heavy Assault ship-aha! thinks i,this early bird has beat me to it.A few minutes warping off-scan,throwing out some Combat Probes,tweaking the Directional Scanner and i have the Ishtar pinpointed at 100%-recall probes and hit warp-to at 20km-yep,he’s in a DED site.I give him a few minutes to see if he warps off but no,the wrecks are increasing-time to bring in the Proteus.In i go and its now 2 of my characters and the Ishtar showing in local.

My biggest problem was going to be getting through the acceleration gates-ill be showing clearly on D-Scan so i decided not to even bother cloaking the Proteus-gambling on the Ishtar feeling all safe and secure in his needing-scanned-out DED site.

I make it to the first room of the complex and he’s been here and cleared it already-i burn the 45km to the next gate and hit activate and find myself thrown across space into the 2nd room….and there he is,45km away fighting a half-dozen Battleship rats.

Its here that my pimp fitting ways show their benefit as i’m able to get lock and long point on the Ishtar from here….local flashes with the first words from the Ishtar pilot…”PETITION!!!!!”

Now,all this doesnt change the fact that the Proteus is a brick-its fitted/built to be dropped on something(s) at 0m and hold them there until the cavalry arrives-and he’s 45km away..time to see what he’s made of.Its soon clear that either he’s brick fitted Armor himself or he’s running an Afterburner as i making around 300m/s on him.After a couple of minutes i manage to get in range to throw an overheated Scram on him too and assume thats it…game over..but no,he still pulling away from me when i turn off my MWD..curses he is Afterburner fit.

This calls for something else-as luck would have it!!-my Astarte is sitting in the next system and that has a web fitted,so its quickly brought through and thrown off towards my Proteus..only thing is,when i actually,eventually arrive in the room the Ishtar is now 155km away…and you cant warp around these plex rooms.I point the Astarte at the distant Ishtar,engage MWD and start willing the fat slow Command Ship to pick itself up.

A check back on the Proteus causes me some concern…im at 1/2 Armor!!….uh-oh,he’s switched his Warrior2 Drones out for some Berserker 2s while ive been messing around with the Astarte.aaaand i realise ive been running without an active Explosive Hardener.Straight away i turn the damned hardener on and set about his Heavy Drones with a combination of my own Warriors and Blasters.

Its a slow process but eventually i manage to get all his Heavy Drones off the field but he’s still plinking away at me and the armor is still dropping-i slow,pull range to over 30km and with relief see things appear to around 20%!!I know from experience that this Proteus..well,once armor has gone it dies in seconds-no room for hull tanking heroics with this fit.Its at this point that i have to decide whether i stay and try get the kill or leave and let him go free-this point because to my slight consternation i see he’s now actually burning back towards me,not away.

Back over to the Astarte quickly and i see range at 20km-MWD to overheat and lets do this.

At what is literally the last second that i can safely keep the Proteus on the field i manage to get Scram and Web on the Ishtar-Proteus….GTFO!!….oh, how relieved i am that he doesnt have any tackle Mods fitted.

As it goes once the Astarte gets tackle on and is in range he dies in seconds

some curses appear from the pilot in Local along with a comment that “we” fail seeing as how it took two “Command Ships” to kill him…fair do’s von Richtofen…though i’d like you to consider just how you allowed “us” to get a hold of you in the first place.

Another day,another kill…and he dropped a decent amount of loot to justify the time spent.Sitting at over 200km away from the rat Battleships i have time to have a leisurely look around this complex and realise that i had run one exactly the same less than 48hours ago-and i was kinda disappointed with the loot drop(approx 50mill)…however,the Ishtar has done most of the work-with only 6 Battleships remaining.A quick repair job on the Proteus while i warp the Astarte out and then back into the site and within a few minutes all the Rats are dead and there an Overseer bunker to explode and see what tumbles out…..

Gistum B-Type Invuln. Field

Gistum B-Type 10MN Afterburner

Gistum B-Type EM Shield Amplifier

Gistum B-Type Thermal Shield Amplifier

Gistum B-Type Medium Shield Transporter

18th Tier Overseers Personal Effects

…approx 1.2 Billion ISK……

tyvm Mr Ishtar.

As a follow on he did return with 2 other members of his corporation about 5 minutes after id finished the site-all i could see on scan was a Cynabal so switched out the Astarte for my trusty Hurricane and sat it alone in system at the Complexes initial warp gate but couldnt get them to bite…not even listing in local the swag he’d worked so hard to gift me could raise his ire enough to take a swing(he -2 as well lolwut?).

Some further information too-my old in-game friend is planning on wrapping up the Holding Corp. i am in at present and has been asked to take over as the Alliance CEO(which will see him joining the Alliance holding Corp..or something).I have been humming and hawing about whether to jump with him or remain in his holding corp as basically the only members-at present i dont feel like switching to another Corporation in this Alliance..but dont really want to be the only guys in the Corp.(unless its my own fantastically named Holding Corp here)

Sooooo……if anyone is recruiting or knows of anyone who is…get in touch with me in-game.


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