Lining ’em up.

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Over time i came to realise that roaming through wormhole space can easily become an exercise in frustration-weeks have passed without seeing any likely targets-several days without seeing even another player-and so it was following an exceptional run of nothingness and then some time away that i returned and found myself in a pleasant enough engagement with a C2 Corporation….which led me to the decision to hang around and keep them company for a while.

Over the few days after the engagement described in the last post i tried to keep a low profile and remain hidden-watching the comings and goings of the different pilots and adding new ones to my contact list as they appeared-noting who flies what,how old they are,Corp Histories and security status-paying particular attention to anyone who seemed to prefer Cloakers,especially Falcons and Bombers and who had the shiniest stuff.From taking notes and watching it soon became apparent that this Corp seemed a mix of Euro and US TZ players-i would watch the early start Euros log in during my prime time and catch the late-stay-behind US players if i managed to log in early.After a few days with little action-though i messed up a sure jump on a Drake in a Mag. site due to getting de-cloaked by gas at 200km!!?- the ganking of a T2 Industrial doing PI runs and the missing of a decloaking Proteus by a micro-second-i was able to scan the system unnoticed and pick out another Mag. site-just before an unwary member logged in.

Recalling my earlier error in a Mag. site i resolved to not mess around flying and warping around the site waiting for him to complete it but steam in as soon as he landed and put his first wreck out-which i did and his Cyclone Battlecruiser died.A quick loot,a hang around to await any response and with nothing happening it was wait out aggression timer and then log-off for the day.

Forward 24 hours and as i log in and move to my perch off the targets POS i see a Drake and two destroyers on D-Scan..and they are not at either of the two  active POS’…a scan reveals no cosmic anomalys..could they?..would they?…surely not?..but yes,they are at the same Mag. site where id bounced the Cyclone previously.On warping to my perch at the site i see there are no sleeper wrecks-already salvaged by the two Destroyers and it looks like the Drake is in the process of cracking open the Sleeper Cans..but having just logged in i have no idea if he has just started or is on the last one.

This is a bit tricky-i have no real idea who or what is present in the system aside from my contact list-and that is showing a lot more than i can see in the site-however i decide to give it a go and without much thought i find myself in warp to the closest can to the Drake.As i decloak my Proteus and start targeting the Drake i see the two destroyers warp off…fortunately the enemy POS’ are within D-Scan range of where i am engaging so while plugging away at the Drake i am spamming D-Scan in the expectation of seeing the Destroyers switch out to more robust combat ships.

I am not disappointed when after a short time i see the change over to a Hurricane and a….Proteus Strategic Cruiser.Straight away i log in my own Hurricane and the Astarte…both landing at their safe log-in point out of D-Scan range of the POS’ and the engagement-some frenzied getting them into fleet occurs all the while keeping an eye on how my Proteus is fairing against the Drake and refreshing D-Scan every few seconds.I get the ‘cane and Astarte into warp-to-0 on my own Proteus just as the hostile Hurricane and Proteus lands to aid their friend in the badly-suffering Drake-straight away i lock up the target Proteus with my scram  though keep long-point and Blasters still on the Drake…ECM Drones get thrown out and they go onto the Hurricane-i am concerned at getting Neuted out by the Hurricane and not realising it while i micro-managing things and losing points on the two hostiles-a hectic 20-30 seconds follows where i am fighting all three with the Proteus but all i want is to make sure i hold tackle on the hostile Proteus-with some relief i see that all the drones on the field except mine are scout drones so it looks like there no fear of getting jammed and all three being able to warp free to safety.With great relief my ‘cane and Astarte land and straight off i get another two tackle mods onto the Proteus-barring a disconnect he not going anywhere.The Drake dies quick enough,followed pretty soon after by the Proteus which id immediately set the Astarte burning towards and my own ‘cane to pummeling with Republic Fusion and twin medium neutralisers  and lastly after a brief chase,the Hurricane,who had been sitting off at range.

No bombers appeared.No Falcons….that was a bit harum-scarum logging in to a fight without proper intel but it seemed to have paid off well.I got a surprise looting the Proteus wreck when i saw the Covert Ops cloak-i had noticed him before warping it around and cloaking whenever he came to a stop/uncloaking when he needed to warp so had assumed he had a regular fit with just a standard T2 cloak-however the loot gods were smiling on me this day and pulled in about 300million ISK of swag from the wrecks.

The next 20 minutes were spent warping the Astarte and ‘cane around rolling safe-spot Bookmarks while the aggression timer counted down and the Combat Scanner probes did their best to try and find me before i logged them off safely.I had a brief convo with who i assumed was the most senior guy online at the time and broached the subject of a ransom payment for a quiet system-unfortunately,while the convo was civil enough it was a pretty clear message that there would be no ransom payment forthcoming.Ah well….

Despite the somewhat reckless engagement i’d just had it worked exactly how you want these things to go-in the scheme of things jumping a ship running a site in w-space is relatively straightforward-if you can get the target pinpointed without being seen i.e. safely getting into the system unnoticed and then finding where he at in space either with or without using scan probes then barring any unexpected errors or it actually being a bait ship its pretty much a given that you’ve got yourself a wreck to loot.It can all be pretty ho-hum stuff and its only the possibility of scoring some nice loot drops -believe me ive pulled some amazing drops from Anomaly runner Drakes in w-space!-or that you can turn your target into your very own bait ship as he calls for help from friends/corpmates that lends it that extra element of excitement. This one went perfectly in that once the Drake was tackled i let the two Destroyers flee hoping that they would re-ship and return asap to help their pal-it was just an extra benefit that one of them decided to jump in his T3 to do so.My timing was pretty spot-on this time as well in logging in the Astarte and ‘cane so that they both landed seconds after the cavalry arrived-although the extra Damage the two boats bring is sweet i find their main benefit is in bringing the extra tackle so that even if the Proteus gets jammed or capped out by neutralisers i can stay confident that my target isnt getting away-and in this case that meant all three.

Several kills over a run of a few days now really set me to consider what i was going to do now-the loot from the Proteus turned out at a tidy sum and despite the mistake made here by the target corp. in running an obviously compromised site,i really couldnt imagine any more mistakes like that occurring imminently-in fact i decided to myself that should i stay then any ships that presented themselves as  an opportunity were more than likely going to be part of a set-up and therefore,no matter how tempting they looked,i was going to have to ignore them.

As luck would have it,soon after the engagement i noticed someone logging in who i had on my contact list as a Falcon pilot…trusting in the brotherhood of “hated-ECM-faggots” that he would accept my convo request i thus made contact with one of the more obviously senior guys in the Corporation-Epigene.Lengthy civil conversation where the subject of ransom was brought up-at this point i had made up my mind to vacate the system asap but decided to see if i could pull another 200million for my trouble.No go on the Ransom payment but during our convo i realised id given away a bit too much intel than i would have chosen-and also,without chest-thumping,had somehow commited myself to seeking further payment in ship wrecks unless the 200million was forthcoming-curses!!

With a somewhat sinking feeling it was time to throw out the probes,exit all four boats stage left to Empire……and get my scanning alt in here.


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