Return of the Spastic Hands.

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

ya i scooped up all the old posts from 2 years ago and deleted them-far too much waaah and QQ.

Ive been away-stopped playing for extended periods several times-even Biomassed all my Characters at one point(CCP will give you them back minus ANY assets).

Ill dive straight in.

Past 18 months off and on ive been in wormhole space at different times setting up temporary bases alone or joining with a few corporations.After getting a bit jaded i quit for a while then started up again a couple of weeks ago-joined an old in-game friends “Holding Corp”

So last night i had moved all the Characters 30 jumps across Empire(after my extended stay with Broken Wheel to where i’d stockpiled all my gear-some out of the way system in Heimatar bordered by quiet low sec systems-some recent high value purchases had left my wallet straining so out i go looking for DED sites to run(200-500milliion ISK Mods just for killing a few rat Battlecruisers?..yes please).Of course, the first Wormhole signature i came across put paid to that plan-in i go with my Cloaky,scouty,heavy tackling Proteus-quick bookmark of the entrance/exit,D-scan of the surrounds and a scan for any Anomalies present in this Class 2 system.4 anomalies,4 POS’,4 Forcefields(bah!) and…Tengu,Proteus and Talos.

A minute or twos D-Scanning and i find the POS these ships are in-i guessing that these are going to be piloted as it would be unusual though not impossibile for these ship classes to be sitting empty and as i land off the POS i see indeed that all 3 are active.

I know the C2 im in has a static connection to a C3 and i get the feeling that if these guys have anything planned there a good chance it going to be in the C3-the three seem overpowered to be running C2 anomalys.After watching them for a few minutes-movement inside the shields-i decide to take a chance and warp off D-Scan range and dump some core probes out.As luck would have it,the 1st scan i run off D-Scan range from the active ships gives me a signal that definitely looks promising-a few more scans and i get the C3 static-probes are recalled and i head back to my perch off their POS.

Curses!!-Talos is gone totally and the Proteus and Tengu i just catch warping away-some scanning and flying around pins the two of them at the Hi-Sec entrance-someone unseen had noticed my probes-and maybe my ship.I watch the pair for about 5 minutes but they are both orbiting at 5000m-if i decloak and go for one they will just jump out to hi-sec and safety if there any hint that they are in trouble.

I wait and wait hoping the Proteus will take a leap to hi-sec for a look and then jump back in immediately-giving me a chance to kill it while his timer is ticking-i not interested so much in the Tengu-from experience i know that these tend to have really good align time and i doubt if i get the opportunity that i could decloak and get him locked up before he warps free.Anyway-nothing happens-both just circle the hole until i hear it flare twice-no, they didnt both jump out but instead in comes a Hurricane and Myrmidon Battlecruisers-both from the same Corp. as the T3s.Soon after,all 4 warp off back to their POS-Hurricane logs off,Myrmidon reships to a Cheetah covert ops., Tengu reships to a Noctis and disappears out to Hi sec, which just leaves the Proteus idling in the POS.

Soon enough i see the Cheetah head to the C3-in he goes.

Now i start to work out an idea.I want to get the target boats somewhere i can wrap them up and they have no chance to flee-the C3 connection.
I bring in another Character to the C2(it in an NPC Corp and is only a few months old)-warp it to the C3 in its Myrmidon and jump him through-D-Scan reveals no ships but a full set of core probes-i assume from the Cheetah.Ok-time to put on a show.I warp the Myrm. towards the Planet off at 10au where D-Scan tells me there is an active POS,let it loiter for a couple of minutes then warp him back to the C2 entrance-jump through-cross the C2 and out to hi-sec again.

I repeat this procedure another two times-assuming that the Cheetah has seen it and what it s doing-i hoping all he sees is a nub in a Battlecruiser ferrying supplies from Hi-sec to his C3 lo-sec static home.

On the third trip into the C3 i note the Proteus spooling up inside the POS-and he warps off in the direction of the C3.Yep,as i follow in my own Proteus i land 30km off the C3 and he sitting orbiting at <1000m-no doubt waiting for the nub in the Myrmidon coming back.

Ok-lets get this done.I hurl the Myrmidon back across the C3 and jump into the C2-right into the waiting Proteus-time to act all panicked-i let him lock me up and start pounding on me-all the while im hitting D-Scan repeatedly expecting friends of his to arrive but nothing shows-a quick check of my Myrm shows it dipping into about 25% armor-time to fire up the triple armor reppers and with satifaction at the end of their cycle i see red turn to grey back up to about 80%-scram and web goes onto the Proteus now and almost at the same time i jump my own Proteus through into the C3.

Why no engage?-

i have another card to play.The Myrmidon is a great brawling ship but i dont think it can take this Proteus-he not covert fit and from my own experience i know that a 6 Neutron Proteus can put out excellent damage and rock an impressive tank.Time to bring in the Astarte

yeah i have the Astarte waiting on standby 2 systems over in hi sec.A jump through a gate,warp to the C2 entrance-local is flagging no Reds(the C2 corp) and in i go-warp at 0 to the Myrmidon.It lands, locks up the Proteus-7 Heavy Neutrons start blowing chunks off the target and…he jumps the C3…and my waiting,decloaked Proteus.

On the C3 side i get tackle on him as he tries to align out and thats it-ill bring the Astarte through as well and he dies.

no tackle lolwut?

All the while im switching screens and spamming D-Scan 100% expecting more targets to arrive but nothing-i loiter for a few minutes-reload guns,pull in drones and loot his wreck-nothing special,which was a surprise as he took a lot longer to die than i was expecting so assumed there was a good chance of finding some shiny tank modules and jump back into the C2

When it seems like there nothing further going to happen i send the Myrm and Astarte back out to hi-sec and a couple of systems away-throw the Proteus back to its perch off the POS and watch the guys pod for 10 minutes.

Nothing…i know the Cheetah is active and suspect there another cloaker in system as well-im also waiting for the guys that went out to Hi sec to return and maybe the log-offs to make an appearance-sure enough the Talos logs back in but what follows for the next 30 minutes is…nothing.I suspect that there going to be no more action here tonight-or,as ive seen many times before,its going to be an hour or two before they get organised enough to bring a massively overpowered gang(that of course ill engage right?!) so i call it a day-exit to hi sec-return to base and deposit the loot into storage.

And thats it-pretty much what happens in-game for me.Go look for targets-the higher value the better-make a plan-hopefully use some trickery and turn the tables from what target(s) are expecting.I do try to avoid the pure out-and-out gank though it does happen sometimes especially if its a high-value target like a T3 or Faction/T2 Battleship-then all bets are off and i do whatever it takes to turn it into a wreck(and make sure i survive to scoop the shinies).

Other W-space blogs i enjoy seem to focus on the combat side of things with a bit of practical tips thrown in so ill try and continue in that vein.I suspect ill be hitting Eve hard over the next few weeks-thats how it goes for me-spend too much time on then pull it back after a while so we’ll see how this goes-posts will depend on how much action i find.

I do plan on writing about a recent expedition i made into another C2 during the past 10 days and will probably do that imminently before i get hazy about the details-anyway heres a preview/view from the other side meantime

Fly with your mouse on “Scan”


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