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I mentioned in last post about a recent expedition i undertook-was all very fortuitous.I had ceased playing due to increasing boredom with the game-due probably to a run of several weeks without finding any targets and on a random log-in taking out the Proteus and getting smoked because of  apathy to a “hole-camp”.About two weeks ago i found myself at a loose end so logged in and after a short time mooching around a w-space constellation found a system that looked active.After a recce of the space i realised that the jump in entry was well positioned off D-Scan range from the natives two POS’ and it being a large system there was good opportunity to make decent log-off/log-in spots.While there was certainly plenty of active ships around that night i couldnt see any clear opportunities for making mayhem but with the numbers i was seeing i figured it was worth hanging around.A bit of juggling and soon i had all four characters logged in,down the w-hole chain and into the target system at a “safe” log-off.Before shutting down my last Character for the night i threw out core probes and got all the signatures Bookmarked.

Fast forward 10 hours and im active again-watching the activity through two Cloaky ships-all the Anomalys in system have disappeared and a check of Static Mapper shows that someone(s) has run the sleeper sites in the time ive been away-curses!However-i count approx 6 or 7 active ships-some Battlecruisers,Bombers and a couple of Destroyers(all milling around outside their POS Shields warp scrambling each other)-and pretty soon i notice a Drake,Hurricane and a Thrasher all heading off into space.A quick guess and i send my Proteus towards the systems static C2 wormhole and sure enough i arrive just in time to see them all jump through.Ok- they are obviously PvP fit right?..heading off for some action next door.Pretty quick i decide to mix it up so log in a Hurricane and send him off to the C2 hole-nothing sneaky or covert about this-on jumping through i Bookmark my escape and hit D-Scan-nothing.However the sun is about 30au away so i send the ‘cane off in that direction and soon enough appearing on D-Scan is the Drake,Hurricane and Thrasher…and Sleeper wrecks.

Some flying around ensues..i make a perch off grid but within D-Scan of the exit hole and set scanner to 5 degrees-soon enough the three ships appear in the scanners cone so i launch my aligned ‘cane at the hole and as i land see the Drake still sitting-Thrasher and Hurricane had already jumped.So it goes…locked up the Drake and started pounding on it all the while anticipating him jumping back to his home-i do hear the hole flare and assume its him jumping home but no..the Hurricane has returned..and as he does the Drake then jumps free.This is looking good so far-the Hurricane has messed up his jump timer by his 2 rapid traverses of the hole so with any luck i should be able to smoke the Drake in relative safety…ummm curses,there is another Hurricane on the home side of the hole,the Thrasher and a Purifier Bomber,all sitting about 30km off-anyway the Drake eventually decloaks so i set about him with the ‘cane and i decide to decloak my Proteus too and have at them all.While this all going on i log in my Astarte-i not feeling too confident about the way this is going but decide on one in-all in and see if i can slug my way clear.The Bomber is my main worry for the moment-his Torpedoes are blowing chunks off the ‘cane, he sitting out of point range and too far for the Faction shells i loaded to do any damage-the Drake is going down so rather than switch targets and shells to Barrage i decide to ignore the bomber and keep at the Drake.Somehow i get the time to throw warriors out of my Proteus and set them on the bomber and notice pretty quick that he’s taking damage…ive also been able to get the Astarte logged in and into Fleet and set him on the way to the fight but as it lands on grid he decloaks my Falcon-bah!!..i had been trying to keep it secret but covers blown and its getting targeted-jam goes out onto the Drake just as it explodes,my ‘cane then dies in a fireball…cue the Hurricane,Thrasher and Bomber all departing-too much micro-management saw me unable to get point on any of them with the Proteus.Surprisingly,the original Hurricane appears right next to me-he must have jumped home while the fight was happening and now he decloaks-bad timing as he goes nowhere and dies very quick with the Astarte pounding on him at point-blank.

Hmmm..quite a rush of a fight that one but the trade off was a bit miserable-2 for 1 and the Falcon cover is blown.Nevertheless i cloak up the hated Falcon,send the ‘canes pod to a safe and log off and set about looting the wrecks with the Proteus and Astarte.I dont expect any more action from these guys so im surprised when after a few minutes of looting and scooping drones another Drake,the Hurricane and the Bomber and Thrasher all drop right on the Astarte and start lighting it up something terribile-the Bombers way out of Blaster range,i cant track the scramming/webbing Thrasher,the Hurricane is also sitting off at range which leaves the Drake the only target in  semi decent range-and pretty soon the Astarte is hurting badly,armor all too quickly dropping.My Proteus is way outa range of the hostiles due to my scooping stuff so its go-down-fighting time…i decided i wasnt going to use the Falcon-this was shaping up to be a good fight and was time to let the chips fall as they will.I turned the Astarte towards the C2 threw out ECM Drones and set them on the Bomber, switched Neutrons to overheat and started laying into the now-way-too-close Drake……i love the Astarte!!….when everything comes together like range,tracking,target webbed and scrammed it just ploughs through stuff and sure enough i was able to kill that Drake before crawling within 5000m of the hole and jumping clear

…with about 10% armor left!Amazingly no-one followed me through-Thrasher?!-and i was able to get the Astarte into space and safety before switching back and seeing what was going on with the Proteus.

Not so much,still on the field was the Hurricane,Bomber and Thrasher and after a bit of chasing around  i was able to get scram on the thrasher and long point on the Bomber-warrior drones go out and Bomber dies.As it does another Drake appears on the field-with the bomber gone the damage coming onto the Proteus is greatly reduced and some further manouvering sees me getting points on both the Hurricane and newly arrived Drake.Surprisingly i manage to take down the Thrasher with a combination of Blasters firing Null and drones-im guessing that he had capped himself out..leaving the 2 Battlecruisers against my pretty banged up Proteus.The fighting had been pretty intense with a lot of screen-switching-acceptance of maybe i can im dead moments and i wanted to get this over with-especially as they seem to have an endless supply of ships so i make the decision to bring back the Astarte with its 10% Armor and take the gamble that i can kill the two before i die myself.In comes the Astarte-starts burning out to the Hurricane and once it gets in range,with a total off 11 overheated Neutrons on it it dies in seconds…switch over to the Drake-repeat and i align the Astarte to my safe and warp it off before anything else shows up.

Victory..i think.As the minutes pass and there no activity(not even scan probes searching for the Astarte?) i get pretty bullish and decide to loot the field with the Proteus-not outstanding but a good enough haul to justify the risk.I attempt a friendly enough convo in local but get no reply-no worries,ive been there myself….i decide i like these guys and would like to get to know them better…..

What was the key to that becoming a victory and holding the field instead of a loss?If the Astarte had died i would be hard-pressed to calling it a win based on killing more ships.

I have seen this time and again-bad use of Stealth Bombers.These things pack a massive punch when used as support ships in a gang and i have lost boats due to good use of them but so often i see bomber pilots coming in too close to the fight-keep them way out past 50km so i cant hit them with Barrage from autocannons and with any luck you would be out of Drone range and definitely point range.A Bomber at 30km is pretty much as good as dead-either from a couple of overheated volleys with Barrage or chewed up by Warriors.If the Purifier had been able to throw out a few more volleys of Torps onto the Astarte before it jumped clear it would have died-same with the HAM Drake-HAM Drakes are beastly ships up close(if i wasnt so sick-to-death of seeing them all the time i’d still fly mine more than i do)-the T1 tank on the 2nd Drake was a disappointment-if he had survived those extra 30 seconds it would have forced me to choose between lingering longer in the Astarte for the kill(and probably dying) or he could have stayed on the field once the Astarte fled and they could then all have had the firepower to kill the Proteus.Sub-par fitted/skilled ships just dont cut it in a fight-in a pretty even fight flying something sub-par seems to just lead to becoming another loss mail.

The fight was definitely a great re-introduction to fighting and even losing the ‘cane felt a fair enough result.Kudos to this Corporation for bringing it and not giving up-i definitely think they did the right thing and if only they could have used the purifier better-or switched out the Thrasher for another Battlecruiser or a Bomber i suspect they could have cleaned up.As i alluded to above..there more to come of this tale.

If you fighting fair you doing it wrong o7

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