Last Hurrah!?

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Ok-i had to get this post down sooner or later.

Is about a kill from getting close to three weeks ago now-i did get to the end of August with the gnawing suspicion that i about to head into one of my regular EvE hiatus’….but i was having a good run up the Alliance Killboard so kept pushing myself to log in and see what i could bag for the day and see if i could get the clean sweep on the “end-of-month” awards(and doing it without shooting POS Mods/Noobships).As August drew to a close it was looking like a not-going-to-happen thing as i noted someone from Alliance had found some POS hardeners floating in space and decided to pad their stats…and then,on the last day of August…..


Aye,a Drake…

running an anomaly in the EOL C2 i had jumped into-however,he had  this running against Sleepers with Fighters from the Thanatos that was sitting in the POS.
I tried like the devil to bait the Carrier out of the POS once i had the Drake tackled with a single Proteus-or more likely for it to re-ship to something else and come help-even just shooting at it with one Blaster so it looked like i was never going to take it down while my armor slowly disappeared,but after five minutes had passed i decided to finish it all and dropped the second Proteus on it .
Anyway-Drake died and i thought i would go and check the active POS-where the Carrier had been…except it wasnt there but was still on D-scan.
Ok…he was aggressed with having assigned his Fighters….a quick combat scan and i had him…warped to him at 10km-he at an off-grid just above the POS- and quickly added him to contact list…….offline!!!…..rage log?…aye i think so.

Anyway-i had a rubbish gang set-up,having spent the past 4 days out of my home C2 mooching around Hi/lo sec for stuff-just logging in for brief periods and doing not much at all.Two Cloaky Proteus’,Medium Neut-fit Damnation,Falcon and a Bait Gnosis-again its only damage a flight of Hammerheads.

Anyway i went for it…stuck the two Proteus’ on him and inwardly cried at the pitiful amount of red that started to show with each volley…no hope in hell i am going to take down a Carrier-offline or not-with 9 Neutron blasters and a flight of Hammerheads in anything like a safe or reasonable amount of time.
A bit of scouring the local markets saw absolutely nothing that i could throw on the Damnation to add some DPS-all i could get was five T1 Ion Blasters that i threw onto the Gnosis-so i spent a few minutes getting that arranged…great….14 Blasters instead of 9.

Spamming of D-Scan started  to reveal some unpleasant news-pods and ships starting to appear-i think the maximum number of nastys on scan reached six at one point-fortunately nothing bigger or more threatening than Battlecruisers.

A check on Contacts and i see that the Carrier Pilot has logged back in at some point…recovered from his Raaaage! at losing his Drake.
On the point of dropping in the Damnation for its Neuting power i paused as his armor wasnt climbing like i expected-it wasnt clear at the time but all i can guess is that he logged in….then logged back out again.

And that was it-i reckon 20-25 minutes of shooting and the thing exploded.No-one came to help save it.

Things did get a bit more strange after that-i was able to jump a ship back out to Hi-Sec and buy an Itty hauler in system-then back in and out of the wormhole several times and polarised to go scoop the loot from the now obvious to see Thanatos wreck…again without any interference from the natives.

And then after that…to bait this Drake and Myrmidon to come 50km off the Hi-Sec exit to their doom using the Gnosis…whats with that?!

Anyway-August did end up a good month-best ever in fact.

Kill Tally for the month was just over 22 Billion Isk in kills with losses tallying 1.7 Billion(Astarte/Low-Slave Pod and a Hyperion taking the bulk of that) between my five.

Loot drop tally was no less than 4.6 Billion…which as it turned out was pretty handy(hint-start of September saw me have to use a huge chunk of that).

Buuut….i was kicking myself yesterday when i received the e-mail from CCP telling me that i had just renewed all characters for another month-i had planned to let them lapse again.


Was a weekend for Lokis that just passed.

It began with me flogging off my swag pile from the past few weeks-hauling 1.5 Billion in dropped Mods to Jita in time for the weekend rush  tends to make you sweat more than normal and rather than fly the empty hauler back i decided to splash out on a Hyperion and get it(sub-par) fitted for my Alt to fly-i had taken a notion that in order to land the bigger fish you have to use bigger bait.

Anyway-as luck would have it i found a connection to Low-Sec from our static Low-Sec system-a nice little 0.3 island surrounded by Concord protected space….with one System Anomaly-some Angel BC-Rat plex…perfect for my Low-Sec day tripping nub to “test” his shiny new BS in.

It didnt take long for the three or four present in local to all disappear once i started running the site-one returning a few minutes later in a Cheetah…mmm-hmm…promising.

The minutes go by and i see the Cheetah leave-cross jumping with a Hound and an unknown from the same Corp…..even better.I get all the other boats ready on the connecting LS-LS hole and wait.

Loki decloaks 20km away-his point goes on and i wait…the seconds go by-i dont target him back but instead start manouvering the Hyperion not directly at him but at an angle thats not too obvious i burning toward him but hopefully looks like im trying to align to a Station or Gate.I am coasting to about 15km from him now when Local spikes-i point the Hyp. directly at him-hit MWD-target-and hit the Overheated Scram and Web as soon as i hit 10km.Everything goes fast now-im aware of plenty yellow skulls and greys appearing on overview but my main focus is getting the other ships through the connection and into warp.

Ive set the two Large Reppers going on the Hyp.(helped by the Exile booster ive just popped) so figure im good for the next twenty seconds while i get my two attack ships into warp-at-0…..a vague sense of unease as im doing so because-really,local is pretty full up by this point and there a sense of im warping everything to their doom.A switch back to the Hyperion screen and i see its right on the Loki-but its taking a hammering from whatever the ships are that i see in my overview-to me at this point its just a rack of yellow.I watch the Reppers finish their first cycle-pulling the Armor back to about 40% from where it was just scraping into structure-but there some dismay as i see that my Cap has gone so unless im very lucky with the timing on my Dual Boosters reloading thats the last Reps its gonna see.

Anyway…no more time for that as im aware of my two attack ships landing on Grid….Proteus and ….and…and…Megathron.

Ya-for some unknown reason i had decided to roll with a Mega as attack ship number two rather than going with my usual BC or second Proteus Hull…i think i had had a thought a few days previous that the mighty beast was just getting used to roll our statics and deserved a bit of attention for a change.

Anyway-as the two landed i got secondary tackle onto the Loki just in case the Hyperion died or somehow lost point-still not having had the time to properly take stock of just what the hell i was engaging…a switch to the Mega screen and i am aware of a second T3 present-a  Legion and the devil is sitting right under the Megas guns at less than 5000m….unfortunately this where the decision to bring the Mega proved its folly… i start locking him up i remember just how long it takes when you in a Battleship trying to tackle something that ISNT a Battleship…the Legion bugs out with the tiniest of slivers left on the reticule before it goes positive.

Aaaaand… compound things i realise that those screaming alarms are unfortunately most likely not coming from the enemy ships.

I switch screens just in time to see the Hyperion disappear.

As recompense i DO manage to get the Mega locked onto the Loki and once it starts hitting,the Loki drops fast -just enough time to get the noob out of the fight and  warp the pod to Station as i spy the Stealth Bombers all deciding to leave the Field-although one returns after about twenty seconds-sitting out at 25-30km…..align Proteus and start it burning….overheat Scram…..and get him wrapped up at 25km…surprise!!! -dunno how long thats going to keep working….thanks for nothing Fozzie!

I get to loot the field as Local clears…the trade off-one Hyperion for a Loki and a Bomber.I was a bit disappointed with the Hyps. performance to be honest-ok it was taking a hammering from all the Bombers-Lokis damage is pretty meh….the Legion i wasnt sure what he using though i suspect it was a Neut. fit…but after some thought i finally realised what had happened.

The Loki had me long pointed and webbed-i had hit MWD on the Hyp. as soon as i started burning for the Loki in earnest…and i 99.9% sure that i forgot to switch it back off!!…no wonder my Cap emptied after two Rep. cycles and the damned thing died as quick as it did with its horrific raised signature…perfect for the volleys of torpedoes pissed out by the Bombers.

The weekend ticked over-logged in and out at various times and got lucky with hanging around different systems-

Loki number two

Loki number three-who, along with another Loki,a Proteus and a Cheetah was running Escort for this Whale-i figure the Orca Pilot had some choice words for his “Scouts”(i was expecting both Lokis and the Proteus to “counter-engage” but either i lost track of them or they bugged out for good)

Loki number four i caught soon after along with his Tengu friend….clearing three Sleeper frigates in a Class 2 Rock belt!!!

Loki number five was my favorite though.

As the weekend drew to a close i decided to take it easy and loiter in our homes static Class two,semi-afk, checking in for any activity every 45 minutes or so.This went on for a couple of hours with nothing interesting going on-a few PI Haulers here and there but nothing that could stir me into action…until i spy a Loki logging in….

But he pretty soon reships to a Hauler and gets down to the business of visiting various customs offices.I suspect nothing is going to happen so i decide i really COULD take my own advice..this being W-Space an’ all…and MAKE something happen rather than just loll around aimlessly.

There is one anomaly in system.

I get nub-Alt logged in and jumped through the static which im pretty certain the natives do not have watched.

The Brutix its flying surely looks pretty damned easy enough to kill-by my reckoning there is a total of four native pilots logged in at present.I get the Brutix blitzing through the Anomaly-only six sleepers to kill…and despite taking my time on the last Battleship i get nothing..nada…zero changing anywhere in system….four pilots….at four POS’….in four Haulers.

What to do now then?

Two options-i could fly the Brutix around and bounce it off the various wormhole connections i have marked in the hope that someone wakes up and comes to investigate/engage…but i suspect that that route will lead only to more frustration.

I go and re-ship to  a Noctis.

Its the Bait Gnosis’ shittier cousin.Lows are plates and hardeners.In the mid there is an AB and Scram.

I get it into the expired anomaly and set it to work…..six wrecks to clear.And as i do so…..the locals all seem to wake up at once.Three different haulers reship to a variety of T1 scanning frigates.Hauler number four gets in his Loki!!

Its not long before D-Scan is covered with 24 Sisters Combat Scanner Probes..but,its with some consternation that despite slowboating around the wreck field,not using any tractor beams and assigning one salvager per wreck(with switching them off and on at each cycle) i am blitzing through the wrecks like you never do when you totting up your imagined ISK-PER-HOUR tally after having done your own proper PvE.

Despite all the combats on scan and what looks like three guys all trying to pinpoint the Noctis…its taking them ages..and is getting to the point where even a week-old noob would start smelling a rat at the length of time its taking me to “salvage” the last sleeper wreck(im just circling it at 500m with everything off trying to keep it on D-Scan).

What i am expecting to happen-if they ever get the Noctis located-is for whoever gets it to squad warp the Loki right on top of my Salvaging boat-so its a surprise when out of the nothingness three T1 Scan frigs drop on me at 0m and all get their tackle active.

30 seconds or so pass and yep…there he is,the Loki lands on grid at 0m and gets me locked up too.

Unbeknownst to them all however is my own Proteus sitting cloaked,10km off the Noctis’ port side.

I target the Loki with the Noctis…..drop the Proteus’ cloak and hit align/burn toward the Loki….as i await cloaking delay to wear off i activate the Noctis’ Scrambler and dump out the flight of ECM Drones.

Secondary Scram. and Web goes on from the Proteus…the three T1 Frigates all bug out…the EC-300s get a positive jam on the raider…aaaand i send the Noctis chugging away in flames to the systems hi-sec static and safety.

All that remains is to beat down the Loki while watching D-Scan for the return of the three scan guys in something a little more substantial.But no….Dscan doesnt change,the Loki is going nowhere….he is doing practically zero damage to my Proteus and as his Shields give up the ghost and he dips into armor….he goes….ejects and warps the pod out.

Normally-i figure that the Loki would die anyway-i like my stats.But…today…?…these things have been dropping left and right all week-end…..

Fast-forward five minutes and i am giving the natives a cheery wave goodbye in local from my new Loki Strategic Cruiser as i disappear back through our VERY end-of-life static connection to home.

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Friends Reunited.

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Long time since last post-main reason being it been hard deciding what to write up.Almost every day has seen some type of engagement,with this month on course for being the best so far with over 14 billion isk in ship kills for the 20 days gone and losses running at just under a billion split over all five Characters.Some very nice loot drops too-the best one would probably be this Legion who i managed to bait along with a few of his friends.

As a follow on from the last post-where i wasnt sure to be pleased or not over a Machariel kill by pure chance last week i came across the same guy in his home system.The penny never dropped right away who it was-what caught my attention was jumping into our static Class 2 ten minutes before downtime and spying on scan two Lokis and a Tengu-along with a dozen Sleeper wrecks.As soon as the server was back online i was logged in and waiting for the return of the plexers and managed to get all five characters into system unseen and cloaked or logged off in safes before any of the natives appeared.

Unfortunately-i think the appearance of some Hi-Sec day-tripping Miners put paid to any more plexing as the locals got down to the business of dispatching a couple of Retrievers and the Pods from the systems only rock anomaly before deciding to log off.While i was watching the goings on i did a bit of background checking on the natives and that when the vague recollection crystalised and the penny dropped…….revenge!! or justice maybe?….i WILL get my swag(this time!).

That was the matter decided then-knowing that they a European Corp. i was pretty certain that they were all done for the day so i too thought to log off with the intention of returning the next day at least an hour before Downtime and seeing what happened.

Fast-forward 20 hours and im back in EvE,logged in and watching.

Contact list starts to increase…Tengu….Loki…..Loki….Noctis.Ho Ho…here we go!.Except no-90 minutes before Downtime and none of them are moving.Occasionally ill see one reship to a Cheetah and disappear for 5 minutes then return but 0 else.Downtime approaches and the servers go down.

Same as the day before i log in as soon as the servers go up-something which i am wary of normally as i get paranoid that someone smart/cautious will be able to tell that their system is already active if it loads too fast on log in.

I get four characters logged in and cloaked-the fifth i leave at the log-in screen as it a Navy Brutix and just as i finish arranging Perches and the Fleet set-up my Contact list starts flashing…here come the boys…and damn they moving fast.Within five minutes of the first one logging in there is the Tengu and two Lokis in an anomaly.

What with all the time ive had to kill i have perfect 250km perch/warp-ins set at each of the six anomalys in system-there nothing worse than warping into an anomaly at 100km with the expectation of setting up a nice kill only to find yourself getting decloaked 80km from your target by a random asteroid or gas cloud.The chances of this can be reduced by always warping to an anomaly from the Sun-not from your wormhole or some other random spot.

Anyway-the three T3s were blitzing through the site-by the time i had my second cloaky Proteus in position to dive in they were already chewing on the last Sleeper Battleship.

What must have been the very second the Sleeper popped i had warped the two Proteus’ in to the closest wreck,had them auto-decloak and managed to get all three tackled,Scrams for the two Lokis and Point and a web onto the Tengu-once i was certain i had them wrapped up i logged in the Navy Brutix, got it into Fleet quick-smart and sent it off at 0m to the two Proteus.

With all the T3s being bunched together round the Sleeper wreck it was fairly easy to hold them all down and still keep both my boats firing on the same target-Loki No1

What i did find somewhat disconcerting was the number of ECM drones on the field plus,the appearance of a  Blackbird ECM cruiser,coming in to try jam his friends clear-i suspect he missed his first jam cycles which gave me time to warp in my own Falcon from the 250km perch in an attempt to shut him down-this was where i did make an error…..ive been slightly frustrated recently with my Falcon-a few losses due to missed jams which used to be a rarity(as i choose to remember =)  ) so i decided to drop him in at 50km rather than my normal 70km-all good as it got the Blackbird jammed first go and with him having dropped in at less than 10km to his friends,it wasnt much of a stretch to get the newly arrived Navy Brutix onto it for a quick vaporisation.

Next target was the Tengu as he seemed to be putting up decent Metres per second despite being now Webbed and Scrammed so i managed to burn and get a second web on him from the Brutix which pretty soon put a stop to him trying to flee …..except i dont think he was…as this happened while i was concentrating on killing duties.Should have come in at 70 like normal!!

Loki no.3 died soon after,with everything hitting on him he didnt last long at all.

Unfortunately,for the first time ever,i think i was the victim of an ECM Thrasher…before the last Loki died i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw a Cynabal and a Thrasher warp into the fight(at 0m to the Loki and all my boats)-i got Scram and Web from one of my Boats onto the Cynabal-switched quickly back to another Char. to check how well the Loki was dying and on switching back watched the now un-locked Cynabal (and Thrasher) leave the site to safety.All i can surmise is that it really was an ECM Thrasher.

As the smoke cleared and all i could see on Scan were wrecks and Pods i took the opportunity to sift through the wrecks-110% expecting them to be full of gear like the Machariel-and indeed,the T3s were pretty well blinged…out of a total possibile Faction loot tally of approx 1.9 billion i got….about 160 million!!!What is it with these guys and the Loot fairy??!

Anyway….i am confident that i shall meet these fellows again in the future =).

Yesterday,i came away from playing pretty stoked.Took a big risk and it paid off in buckets.

After around an hour fruitlessly scouring the systems leading off from our home C2 i came across a C2 system and on jumping through got a D-Scan full of Battleships.No wrecks though…and in my experience,that number of boats on scan and no wrecks likely means that they at a POS unpiloted.However,i pinned the POS and boats pretty fast and on warping in at 100km saw a whole heap of pilots in the ships.First reaction was either they saw me coming in and fled into the shields or,due to the composition,they forming up to go hit something/someone somewhere.A few more minutes and it became clear that there was Sentry Drones deployed and that they were outside the force field actually hitting on the POS tower.

Three Ravens,two Tornados,Brutix, Hurricane,Scorpion,Naga and an Onyx sitting 30km behind the main body(later became apparent that he in line with the systems Hi-Sec.entry hole).

What a dilemma-a very juicy set of prizes but honestly….can i expect to drop on all that and survive?A check of Corporation channel saw only one other guy online-a quick query and he replies that he not in home system but is somewhere out in hi-sec.

I do some manouvering-the Onyx and his active bubble could be a problem but i manage to ascertain that no, if i come in from the C1 system i will miss his bubble and can land everything at 0m on the POS-Killing gang.

Ahhh…surely there is going to be cloaked ECM cover?..yeah maybe,i dont know….and-just where have these guys come from-is it their home and they taking down a usurpers tower?…how many are there that i cant see?….how close is back-up if any?

Anyway,i decided to go for it.I wanted to bring in two Megathrons as my main damage boats-but i couldnt get them through the C1 connecting system between my home and the target system so i had to go Sub-Battleship-Astarte and Navy Brutix as the two killers….hmmm-not sure that going to be enough as much as i love the Astartes killing power.

I managed to get my other four characters re-shipped and fitted and gathered together one jump away,in a hi-sec. system off the C1(too many times now ive had nasty experiences leaving boats grouped unattended on a hole in a w-system!).

As i slowly crawled my cloaked tackling Proteus towards the BS gang the screen flashed-the Tower just died!

With 20km to go i figured all was lost-opportunity missed…but no, the POS mods are still up and the gang starts moving towards them,as chance would have it the angle favors me and they are coming in my direction…20km…15…10km…time to get the rest of my boats through from hi-sec and crossing the C1 system to arrive on the entry hole.

Distance to the two closest Ravens drops to less than 5000m so on that i jump everything into system,drop the Proteus’ cloak,while i awaiting cloak delay to wear off i Squad warp everything bar the Falcon(that is set for 70!!) at 0m,switch back to the Proteus and get two of the Ravens tackled and start shooting at one of the Tornados.

Thanfully its a short warp for the rest of the boats and in what seems like seconds everything has landed and i start spreading points around.The battle does become a bit of a blur as i am switching screens like a maniac,pointing,shooting,burning,neuting,droning and Boosting and there are simply too many targets to hold them all.

Tornado goes first-the easiest to kill/most likely to burn free-indeed the second one did what seemed like an insta-warp as soon as i decloaked!

I decide i want the Ravens so put everything onto holding them down but one manages to get away-also,i decide to get Drones out and onto the Scorpion but no tackle-if he wants to leave then my guest,which he does…faster than decorum would allow!The two Ravens die,one after the other

Next up is the Hurricane,the Brutix having shrugged off his single Point and fled and on that dying it seems the fight is over-but no, a Blackbird ECM Cruiser has appeared waaay out at 70km-he a bit late but he stays just long enough for me to get a very overheated long point onto him from the(by now) very,very banged up tackling Proteus and i start burning out to him.My Falcon is sitting at 130km from him but i am lucky and one of my jammers takes and he gets jammed…but its still a long way for the Proteus to get within killing range-unfortunately just as i get to about 10km i see my Proteus’ lock drop and i know he got jam-free and was able to get himself out….as a bonus though….i see a Rokh drop right into the middle of my other three combat ships sitting in the wreck field?!

Its the Hurricane pilot re-shipped and deciding to carry on the fight.Unfortunately,sitting at <2000 from an Astarte,Navy Brutix and a Heavy Neuting Damanation means that you are not long on Grid….Hero

All i can guess is that he thought there was a chance of killing my Proteus before he died-if he had the Blackbird as support.

The field cleared i decided to get everything out-leave the wrecks-i fully expected them to return-i know that despite killing five the Brutix,Naga,Tornado,Onyx and Scorpion managed to get free and they know that my Proteus is showing way too much red to survive long if it gets caught.But no….the minutes go by….i watch and watch the littered field from my Cloaked Scout and i see nothing.I decide to run some Core Probe Scans and get the only other wormhole pinpointed-a high sec. and keep eyes on that-i can D-Scan all the towers in system from where i am and aside from an occasional flash of a couple of Bombers i see nothing.

Perusal of all the killmails shows that yep…i probably should go in and loot…..the response?….a single Heron decloaks and gets smoked for his trouble.

So yeah-that could all have went so terribly,terribly wrong.Very poor scouting on my part could have seen a ton of back -up available either in system or one jump away.

I think…they were all a bit eager to flee the field-the two Tier threes went and never returned-likewise the Brutix-instead of commiting he spent his time engaged in trying to flee.Same with Scorpion.And the Onyx too i suppose-sitting out at 30km he wasnt really in much danger of getting surprise tackled-he could have been lobbing his shells into the fight instead of insta-fleeing.My Proteus ended the fight at 20% Armor.Two Tier3s hitting on it from range and it likely would have died.I know they had plenty of tackle fitted as more than once i decided to get the Proteus out of the fight so alarmed was i at the damage it was taking but couldnt.

But yeah….the blood was flowing after that one.

Final words….dont align your ship out of the POS and go watch something else(for 30 minutes)….doh! and..ouch.

Yaaay!!…. or BOOOO!!

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That is all.

Six weeks in to my new Corp. membership and things all rolling along.TZ/Scheduling remains an issue for regular co-op but it something i used to living in the Southern Hemisphere-maybe i should learn Japanese!

The past month or so has seen plenty of action-aside from a run of maybe 5 or 6 days most sessions have seen me manage to catch at least one target-my rough calculations put kills at totalling around 12 billion and losses at approx. 1 billion for June which lead me nicely onto the 1st day of July and the best engagement ive had for several weeks(for planning and execution on-the-fly with a dose of general cowardly dastardy).

Having jumped into and had a poke around the surrounding systems to “Fred” our C2 Home i decided i didnt want to venture too far from home-on seeing that our C2 Static system had a connection to “The Forge” i decided that it was as good a place as any to go fishing.

I am becoming slightly bored with the Gnosis bait ship so it was no great shakes that there were no Ore Anomalys or Gas signatures to park myself in and await visitors-back to the old ways and i throw my fearless out-of-corp(noob?) alt into a Brutix and send it off to run some of the systems anomalys-having first brought in the rest of my boats and parked them at each of the possibile entry/exit points in the system bar one-cloaked of course…and of course it was the one to a C3 that i wasnt watching where my first visitors decided to poke themselves through.

While running the Anomaly i am doing the usual repetitive click of D-Scan and sure enough i catch the brief flash of a Cheetah scan frigate.Now to see if the recent splurging of 70 million Isk to buy back positive security status and lose the yellow-skull from my character was going to pay off.

As i am finishing off the last Sleeper Battleship from the first wave the Cheetah decloaks about 15km away and goes yellow-box.I decide quickly to keep doing what i am doing-which is circling the wrecked Sleeper and salvaging-and dont even bother targeting the Cheetah back-theres no way that this is the only thing thats going to be engaging and i dont want to scare off whatever else is going to be arriving.After a few seconds the Cheetahs friend/alt decides that all looks legit-i am just a noob in a wormhole killing red crosses-and a Tengu decloaks about 8000m away.

I still leave it a few more seconds as i aim my Brutix towards him and despite being scrambled theres just enough momentum to see me coast up to within a couple of thousand meters before i activate my own Scrambler and Web.Its a bit disconcerting to hear the alarm screaming from my Brutix as im in the process of sending a Proteus on its way to help with killing duties so almost automatically i decloak the Falcon sitting cloaked at Optimal range and proceed to jam out the newly spawned second wave of Sleepers as well as the Tengu(what happened to the Sleepers targeting the new-arrivals?)….and an Oracle whom i had no idea was close.As my Proteus lands i manage to get a second scrambler and more importantly a second web(he was Afterburner fit) onto the target and he dies.

As the Oracle warps to safety from his 70km tactical,a quick loot of the wreck and i get the Falcon and the Proteus cloaked up again just as i spy a Drake on scan…the Cavalry?I loiter the Brutix in the site a while longer but there no sign of anything landing so i throw the Brutix towards the C3 and sure enough the Drake is sitting there at 0m orbiting.

I decide to throw caution to the wind and jump the Brutix through to see what else is awaiting me but theres nothing on grid and D-scan is clear so i jump back to the C2 and start trying to bump the Drake-and as luck would have it i get a quick,good bump that sends him way past 5000m.Soon enough i get him wrapped up with scram and web and start about him with the Blasters-some grey starts to show on my armor so i think id better start some reps going..mmm-hmm..all good..better cap inject,those armor reppers are hungry…Doh!…out of Cap charges.Was pretty obvious then i was going to lose the Brutix-i had the Falcon perched, watching but decided against using it to free my BC.Before it died however i managed to drop my Proteus on top of the two just before the Drakes wrecking shot and got him wrapped up just as the Brutix disappeared with a bang.

He deserved the kill i thought as he probably could have fled if he wanted to-and it was a pretty noob mistake on my part that deserved some chastisement.Nevertheless

With the nearest trade hub being just a few jumps away it was gather up all the loot and send the Alt off to buy another Brutix.On return the sight of all the sleeper wrecks still on scan was too tempting so i set it to finishing off the Anomaly i had the fight in and salvaging the wrecks.Within a few minutes again i spy on D-scan the flash of a Cheetah(different tags) followed soon after by a Tengu..and yes, soon after i have Tengu Number two decloaking less than 10km off my salvaging Brutixs’ bow.

He steams in close and is joined at 30km by a friend in a Hound and both start hammering the Brutix,thankfully with a hold full of Booster Charges this time.As my inbound Proteus lands on grid and decloaks on goes the Scrambler and Web from the Brutix to the Tengu-drones onto the Hound-second scram and web from the Proteus to the enemy T3 and a few seconds later he dies

…as he does and the Hound warps clear my spamming of D-Scan spies more ships somewhere in space-Onyx,Apocalypse,Vexor,Malediction-a quick loot of the Tengu wreck and im cloaking the Proteus and warping off the Brutix to a safe.

As far as i can tell,all they have seen is the Brutix and Proteus-and i guess that rather than being a “response gang” the Tengu/Hound got their timings messed up and engaged before the rest were ready and waiting to jump in to gank the “PvE Brutix”.I decide to keep everything hidden for the meantime while keeping eyes on the new arrivals(who seemed to have arrived from Hi-Sec) with the Falcon.

Combat Probes on D-Scan seem to be searching for the Brutix sitting in space so i decide to let them close in,drop the scan range,count 3 scan times and start aligning the Brutix to another safe.As i watch(switching between screens) the encroaching combat probes and then spy the Malediction Interceptor spooling up and entering warp i get ready to warp the Brutix as soon as it lands on Grid-i think that whoever is Combat Probing is going to squad-warp the Inty onto 0m to the Signature hit.

It seems to go as i predict and as soon as the Malediction appears on grid pulling to a halt next to the Brutix i hit warp and leave him for dust.

Where i land is within 1au of where the prober got his last positive hit so i figure i have around 20 seconds give or take a few to get myself set up-i want the Brutix to get caught on the next succesful scan-i think ive done enough to convince the hostile gang that i am trying to run..not fight…so that when they do catch it,like a pack of dogs,everyones going to pile into the “kill”.

One Proteus goes to 10km off the Brutix,the second to 20km,my Damnation drops cloak and warps the short distance to land at 0m and the Falcon warps off in conjunction with the enemy gang,set to land at its Optimal of 70.Almost as soon as the last ship gets into position the Malediction appears on grid at 10km…and amazingly starts burning at high speed towards the Brutix.By the time i get positive lock and fire the Scram and Web he’s overshot by 5 or 6000m and finds himself wrapped up at near perfect range for the Ions firing Null.Two or three volleys and theres a new Amarr Elite wreck

As he dies the rest of the gang lands and straight away the Onyx deploys his bubble-trapping everything.

Damnation tackles Apocalypse;Brutix tackles Onyx,Proteus number one decloaks and gets secondary tackle on the Apoc and number two does the same to the Onyx-the Hound and Vexor ill deal with later if i have to.The Hound was smart though and obviously delayed his warp so that he would land at range and is sitting quite comfortably out at 50km lobbing his shells and the Apoc pilot is also doing a good job of primarying the Brutix which is hurting badly with all the focused fire.I become aware of a decent enough number of EC-300s on the field at the same time as the Onyx drops his bubble so decide to uncloak the Falcon and see how many i can jam out and stop them spreading the drones to try and co-ordinate a burst for freedom by one or both of the prizes.

I decide to focus damage onto the Apoc first,deciding that it and the Onyx are about equal in value and after a few minutes slog it assplodes

Next in line is the Onyx-all the while im trying to get some point on the Hound and Vexor but both are doing a good job of keeping at range from my tackle ships so i decide ill just settle for the Apoc and Onyx-another few minutes and the over-tanked HIC goes up

The Hound decides that all is lost(and that i’d finally had the sense to get some Warriors launched and chewing at his structure) and warps off but the Vexor is still burning away…right at the Falcon.

Its only the screaming alarm and a glance at the watchlist that shows the Falcon is in trouble-i switch screens in time and make a fast decision-let the Vexor keep coming-dont jam it-set the smart-bomb going to try kill his drones and warp the Brutix off to the nearest celestial and then back again at 0m to the Falcon and just maybe ill catch it.

It seems to work-the seconds countdown,the Falcons armor steadily disappears,i imagine the Vexor pilot tastes the imminent kill and right at the last second i spy the return of my 0m to the Vexor-Scram and Web gets applied-Falcon jammers go on and…thank you Black Jebus…he’s jammed and i get the Falcon out.Vexor dies

Thats it.D-Scan is filled with wrecks and Pods,the Hound and a Cheetah-all soon disappearing back from whence they came,five ships and  1.3 Billion lighter.

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Ajax of Green Gables.

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Two weeks in and i think ive found a home.A brief sojourn with Continuum.   which ended really badly(accused of stealing approx 2 Billion Isk in ships-from a supposedly secure POS that a director had left open access to anyone-which was done sometime in a 48 hour window around the time i left the Corp…of course im guilty right?!-the fact that i had 24 hours before leaving declined being granted access to the “secure” POS because i didnt need it…had split a 600 million loot stash with two others and had my own POS password breached on three separate occasions during the previous 10 days-i think a Director taking the opportunity to snoop around my Ship Hangar to see if i had been careless and logged off whilst leaving my shiny ships in the hangar-all seeming to 110% definitely finger me as the culprit!!…..the vitriolic bile i was subjected to by one paricularly annoying member in their public channel was a bit much so for several days i was pretty firmly set on harassing and burning as much of their stuff/pilots as i could…but well…a few days with my current guys and i just forgot about it…..mind you,if all goes to plan Continuum. should get a nasty surprise in a couple of months =)

My main concern during the past two weeks has been the damned issues with game ever since the new launcher was implemented.Socket-closed much?!?.

So far its cost me about a Billion in losses and at least twice that in missed kills.The first happened  around 24hours post-launcher and cost us surefire kills on a Proteus,Tengu,Onyx and Pilgrim-while seeing me lose an Astarte and low-slave pod-the Proteus and Tengu(null-bears) were wrapped up in their own bubble 30-40km from a safe jump-getting hit on by my Astarte,Proteus,Damnation,Brutix and Epigene in his Bomber while my Falcon was safely cloaked out at Optimal when i saw all my clients disconnect one-by-one mid-fight except the Falcon.By the time i got the clients back online the Astarte and pod was dead and it was only the fact that the Falcon stayed up that saw me get the rest back to safety-with varying degrees of armor/hull left.


The second happened a few days later in very similar circumstances-just about to drop the hammer and-blarrp…all disconnect.


Since joining up with Broken Wheel ive had an ok run kill-wise-due for the most part to the continued use of my Gnosis…honestly,this thing is like throwing chum in the ocean…i dont think i have room to list all the kills its snagged during the past 14 days-needless to say i have been buying up any i see on the market that are going below the market rate so i have a decent stockpile.Another new-ship that im impressed with is the Harbinger.For ages ive so much wanted to like the Harb(i think due to my early Eve-hero using it as his ship of choice) but i could never get a fit that i was happy with.However,with the nerfing of the Hurricane-and it IS a hell of a Nerf in practice-i think ive got something in the Harb that i like the look of..


yes it was a loss mail but what it doesnt say is that i was at 30% armor when i engaged the Tempest-yes,another socket-closed incident-

he died tho’

Someone in Broken Wheel asked me the other day-while we were waiting for two likely fellows to gank my Gnosis-how i found the patience to “do this kind of stuff?” and he correct-it does take something of a different attitude i think.It not really the “fight” itself thats the highlight-its the set-up….everything has to go smoothly,a mistake at any point along the trail tends to blow everything-with Wormhole space being how it is you never know 100% just who is watching but through very careful preparation you can cover almost all possibilities and minimise the risk/ensure success.The incident he was talking about is shown here

-true enough it was a long set-up and wait for just a Drake and Rifter but it just as likely next time to be two Tengus(just like here and here)

-and it is satisfying turning the tables on obviously over-powered stuff.

Ok-what a fractured post.Must get back to proper AARs.





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As i alluded to i decided to leave the Corporation that i had joined a couple of weeks ago and sought out another one that i had been interested in for a long time(but for various reasons never got myself organised enough to do anything about).As a parting gift i left them with this  on their Killboard.(As to what they gave me as a leaving present…..another time..but i have a thumb down/thumb up decision to make)

Since the Eve anniversary ive been wondering what to do with my Gnosis’-they had been gathering dust in Amarr Emperor until i found myself engaging one  and being quite impressed with how long it took to kill.I organised myself a similar fit and sent my intrepid explorer off to a local C2 system with some Asteroid sites.Of course,i had looong since earlier set up my cloaking Proteus in the system to keep an eye on the natives-and sure enough soon after my exploring-ship-that-could had thrown some core probes all over the system to attract anyones attention and marked the nearest Gravimetric site…one then two then three then four then five ships began appearing at one of the systems two POS’.

Proteus,Loki,Phobos,Harbinger and ?Bomber(was 5 but cant remember 5th one).

A fairly solid little gang and that did give me some thoughts about bailing out but as i watched the Phobos enter warp the decision was made for me.Expecting that the system natives would have the Gravimetric site already Bookmarked and i imagined a cloaker sitting 2-10000m off my bow i got ready to lauch my own attack ships into the coming fight-Astarte and Damnation warp to the Hi-Sec side of the connection ready to jump in……except….nothing happening at the Grav. site.

With horror i figured they had warped to the Hi-Sec connecting hole and was awaiting any second one of them to jump through to hi-sec(to check that there no nastys sitting right on the connection ready to jump in!!).In a hurry now i decided to send the Gnosis off to the hi-sec exit and see what was going to come of it all(and stop one of them from actually jumping through).

Gnosis landed right enough at 20km from the exit on the edge of the Phobos’ bubble so straight away i aligned 180 degrees and started motoring towards the sun…..satisfyingly i noted straight off that all four started burning with me…away from the exit….as soon as the Proteus,Loki and Harbinger got to within 10km of the Gnosis(10km+ from the exit) i decloaked my own Proteus-also sitting within 10km of my Gnosis and jumped in the Astarte and Damnation.

Unfortunately-managing the three attack ships left me ignoring the Gnosis-it does have three Medium Reppers for a reason!!-so as soon as i was sure i had tackle on the hostile Proteus with my own i heard the familiar alarm scream coming from my Gnosis screen and knew that it had died(horribly) without tackling anything(Loki maybe??!)or repairing itself

Sooo…the fight was on anyway-the target Proteus was well held with my Scrambler and i decided to swing around and get my long point on the Loki-before i managed to do so-he bailed!!…Harbinger was next closest so that DOES get caught-as i am also burning the Astarte and Damnation out to the engagement i aware of the Phobos still on the field and i swing both ships past him by metres-but i decide to leave it and get as much tackle and damage onto the Proteus…as he is obviously well fit and taking an age to die with just my measly four-gun T3 hitting him.

For the next couple of minutes its three on two-the Proteus is a beast but he is dropping steadily,wrapped up 30km from safety-the Harbinger is milling around the area also tackled and firing off his Lasers but im fairly confident my tanks are going to hold up well enough.As the target Proteus drops into low armor i see on D-Scan that there is an Oneiros inbound-going to attempt to save his friend from certain destruction-what luck that i have kept my hated Falcon cloaked up within optimal range of the fight so far so as soon as the Oneiros lands on grid i decloak it-target the hated Logi(i hate these things more than Falcons) and give myself a laugh as he is jammed on first cycle.With the Logi jammed he decides discretion is the better part of valor and he too warps off.

With that the Proteus dies-i decide to switch over to the Harbinger now-but also decide to get my own Proteus which is down to 40% armor out of the fight and safely cloaked.Having done so i realise that although ive kept the Harb well tackled by the Astarte and Damnation ive not thrown any webs on him….and although he deep into structure,he’s been Afterburnering(not MWD!!) back towards the exit…which he makes with about one more volleys worth left of his hull…..

Some minutes spent looting the field of the Proteus and my Gnosis wrecks(always a bit scary when it 30km away from safety) and no sign of any desire from the natives to carry on the fight saw me decide to get the nice swag haul safely out of system.

Straight after i all safe and repaired i was off to pick up another Gnosis-with some modifications to the fit …i.e… more active tanking!

Within the next few hours it was more of the same…Harbinger then Hurricane and Brutix

i am sure, dear reader,that you can spot the common thread running through each =)